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The neuroscience and the physics behind manifestation and another tool for manifesting.  Enjoy!

Primary Question: The Primary Pattern That Shapes Your Life

Every single one of us has a primary question. A single question that we ask more than any other question. This is the thing that obsesses you, the thing that controls how you think, the thing that controls your life.

Your primary question controls your focus and your focus determines your direction and the quality of your life.

Once you know what your old primary question is, you’ll see what challenges are in it, and you can form a new question.

Unpacking Your Inherited Legacy & Clearing A Timeline

1. Explore your inherited legacy on both sides of your family (father and mother) and answer this question: what part of my inherited legacy do I choose to keep and what part do I choose to release?  Go deeper: explore your unexamined beliefs you inherited from your parents around money, marriage, who you are.
2. Clear a timeline, aka the anchor that holds you in the past preventing you from moving quickly and effortlessly towards the future you choose.  Follow THESE INSTRUCTIONS.

Working With Your Sacred Contracts & Archetypes

Sacred Contracts & Archetypes recording is below.  Working with your Contracts and understanding your archetypes, your connections to the cosmic forces directing your life, will help you consciously affect the course of your life aka manifest and shape your destiny.
Your homework:
1. spend some time reflecting on the past events and people in your life through the lens of your sacred contracts.  Journal on it.  Can you see the divine guidance in all that took place?  What was your learning opportunity?  Did you grow and evolve as a result?  What was your obligation under that Sacred Contract?  What was the other person’s/event’s obligation? How was intended to contribute to your growth and evolution?
2. do the practical exercise of awakening and connecting to your Warrior, Magician, Lover and King/Queen in the call recording a few more times to gain clarity on a challenging situation or direction in life.

Money, Abundance & Prosperity

The Homework this month is very practical and these tools will certainly help you step into the flow of abundance and prosperity:

  1. Please do “What’s Money” Exercise on your own.  Do not overthink it.  Write down whatever thoughts pop up in your head first.
  2. Write down prosperity statement 10 times by hand.  It’s on page 2 of this document.
  3. Declutter your life.  Start by organizing your wallet/purse, closet, delete pictures/contacts/apps from your phone, unfollow people on FB and IG, clean your junk drawer, organize your garage, etc.
  4. Practice Forgiveness Meditation daily.
  5. Write a letter of gratitude and recognition to a person who you think have hurt you.  You do not need to send it out.  You write it for your own benefit, to clear out any resentment and grudge you have been holding on to and to step into the flow of abundance.
  6. For a deeper dive into this topic, please consider committing to the 5-Day Abundance Challenge.

The Creative Power of The Masculine & The Feminine

Now that you learned about the creative power of the feminine and the masculine, reflect on the following questions:

1. In your relationship (or your past relationships) how did you experience polarity and the lack of polarity?

2. Now that you understand the power of polarity, how can you juice up polarity in your relationship/could have juiced up polarity in past relationships?

3. In life, where do you tend to lean more – idea or action, the feminine or the masculine? How can you embody both energies better to manifest your dream life?


  1. Ask yourself “What season am I in in my life (my relationship, my health, my career/business) and what season is yet to come?
  2. What seeds is it time for me to plant now?  What action steps do I need to take to plant those seeds?
  3. Practice Terms Meditation daily (below)


  1. Notice when & where in your life you are in lack, resistance and fear. Make a new choice.
  2. Start recognizing abundance and effortless ease everywhere in nature.  Once you see it, you can feel abundant.  Once you feel abundant, you magnetize abundance.
  3. Every day do at least one thing that brings you joy.
  1. Create a vision of your chosen future.  You can go back to the recording of the vision meditation.  Trust that with practice, your vision becomes more clear.
  2. Set goals: stuff-n-things, experiences and contribution.  Decide the time frame for your goals (1 yr, 3, 5 and 10 yr goals).
  3. Record a voice memo of your chosen future and meditate to it daily envisioning your dream life as though it is happening right now.
  4. Take massive action every day that brings you closer to your chosen future.
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