The Creative Power of The Masculine & The Feminine

Now that you learned about the creative power of the feminine and the masculine, reflect on the following questions:

1. In your relationship (or your past relationships) how did you experience polarity and the lack of polarity?

2. Now that you understand the power of polarity, how can you juice up polarity in your relationship/could have juiced up polarity in past relationships?

3. In life, where do you tend to lean more – idea or action, the feminine or the masculine? How can you embody both energies better to manifest your dream life?


  1. Ask yourself “What season am I in in my life (my relationship, my health, my career/business) and what season is yet to come?
  2. What seeds is it time for me to plant now?  What action steps do I need to take to plant those seeds?
  3. Practice Terms Meditation daily (below)


  1. Notice when & where in your life you are in lack, resistance and fear. Make a new choice.
  2. Start recognizing abundance and effortless ease everywhere in nature.  Once you see it, you can feel abundant.  Once you feel abundant, you magnetize abundance.
  3. Every day do at least one thing that brings you joy.
  1. Create a vision of your chosen future.  You can go back to the recording of the vision meditation.  Trust that with practice, your vision becomes more clear.
  2. Set goals: stuff-n-things, experiences and contribution.  Decide the time frame for your goals (1 yr, 3, 5 and 10 yr goals).
  3. Record a voice memo of your chosen future and meditate to it daily envisioning your dream life as though it is happening right now.
  4. Take massive action every day that brings you closer to your chosen future.
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