• To stand out on social media and to magnetize your soulmate clients, infuse your social media (and everything you do)  with your energy.

  • Clarity is power: absolute clarity shifts your inner state – no glitching, no uncertainty, no hesitation.  When you are clear, you embody confidence, power, certainty.  And people sense that.

  • Energy creates matter: shift your inner state aka your energetic state to magnetize and attract your soulmate clients.

  • Get crystal clear around what you want, what massive value you bring to the world, and who your ideal client is.  This energy makes your messaging magnetic.  

  • Journal on the following questions over and over again till you feel clear, confident and madly in love with your clients, your offers and what you want to create:

    • What is it that you want? Use your holy imagination.  Dream!

    • If anything was possible and it was easy, what would you be doing? How would you make money?  Who would be your ideal client? (make it someone you really enjoy working with).

    • What is it that you are offering to the world?  How is it adding massive value to the world?

  • Journal on the following journaling prompts over and over again until you feel inspired, connected to your passion and your bigger “why”.   Only then create your social media messages or anything else for that matter.

    • Who are you talking to?

    • Who is your soulmate client? Who would you love to work with?  (these are the people who bring you joy, they are easy to get along with, you have fun with them)

    Speak to them with clarity and intention – they need to feel like you are talking directly to them. Connect to your soulmate clients.  

    • How are you adding massive value to the world? (focus on serving the world and giving from your soul)

    • What would happen if your soulmate clients never find you/yout product/your business? (make it extreme and the worst case scenario ex. Their life would be terrible and they would be deeply unhappy if they never find your work).

    When you journal this out, you will not only get even more clarity, but you will also pump yourself up, you will feel powerful, unstoppable, confident in yourself and in what you have to offer.

  • Consistency is power – show up on social media every single day and connect with your soulmate client.  That is how they will feel connected with you, like they know you.  This is what leads them to buying from you.

  • If you want the results, you must have discipline.  

  • Always add a call to action ex: buy my offer, sign up to my email list, subscribe to my YouTube channel, like and comment below, etc.

  • Inner game and the outer game: the energy and the hustle.

  • Journal until you tap into joy and excitement to do great work.  When you feel joy and passion around your work, it doesn’t feel like work.  This is how you embody effortless ease and flow.  This is a key to business success.


What needs to shift within me to feel excitement and joy about my work/social media presence?

What would make my work fun?

What if it was easy and fun?  How would it feel like?  What is possible for me, once I feel passionate about my work? When it is easy and fun?

Once you shift your inner state, the practical steps become obvious/the guidance comes to you. 

What practical steps do I need to take today to move the needle forward?

  • Repurpose content everywhere: Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, YouTube, website, podcast, etc

  • How to shoot videos in such a way that you can repurpose for YouTube, IG, TikTok, etc

  • VIXER edits vertically and horizontally

  • YouTube short can edit your video into the vertical

  • Always add subtitles: IG, YT, FB, TikTok add subtitles automatically.  Make sure you review spelling and grammar.

  • VEME.LY to add subtitles

  • Add a catchy title to grab attention

  • Keep style and branding consistent- colors and fonts

  • How I recycle: IG, TkTok, YT short, eblast, website, bonuses to my course and podcast (QuickTime Player to strip audio from video)

  • Hashtags 8-20 – I use Hashtag Expert

  • Save your hashtags in your notes or google doc

  • Sell something – monetize on your sm presence

  • Sell at different price points

  • Add a CTA or collect emails (Aweber, mailchimp, constant contact – set up a form on your website) 

  • Linktr.ee adds several links on Instagram

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