In Module 3 you will learn the following:

  • The Basics of Coaching

  • Happy Face vs Unhappy Face

  • Above The Line vs Below The Line

The Fundamentals of Coaching:

1. Ground down & recalibrate before you work with anyone.

2. Navigate with your Inner Hearing: lead with your intuition.

3. Your Body Is Innately Intelligent. Your body will respond viscerally to the truth.  Listen to your body.  Feel your body.

4. Your Power Comes From Wholeness/99%=0. Always leave your client at 100%

When you are at 100%, you are in your power.  Ask yourself “Am I at 100% right?” if not, follow up with a question “What do I require to be 100%?”

The Set Up: Manifesting

Happy Face God vs Unhappy Face God

Above The Line vs Below The Line

Create your vision & set your goals above the line

3 Aspects of Change:

  1. Physiology

  2. Language

  3. Focus

Integrating 4 Archetypes

When you connect with 4 Archetypes within you, you get access to your inner wisdom, inner knowing and inner guidance that you already have.

The 4 Archetypes are:

The Warrior

The Magician

The Lover

The Sovereign

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