Manifest Coach Module 4

In Module 4 you will learn the following:

  • Train Your Brain to Recall Info, Not Just Store It: Recap of All That We Have Learned So Far

  • The Art of Spiritual Entrepreneurship

  • Marketing As an Act of Service

  • Clearing Blocks to Abundance & The Energy of Money

  • Byron Katie’s “The Work” in action

Recap of All The Tools So Far

The problem is not storing the information in your brain, it is recalling that information when it is needed.

Take time to reflect on what you have learned in this course so far.  What are the most useful tools you have gained so far?  What epiphanies have you experienced so far?

The Art of Spiritual Entrepreneurship

The success of ANY business depends on only 2 things: innovation and marketing.

Your innovation is your unique personal coaching strategy: What inspires you?  What are you called to share with the world?

Effective marketing allows you to call in your soulmate client. Soulful selling enables you to powerfully offer your unique gift into the world.

In this session we talk about the energy of money and how to clear your abundance blocks, so you can step into the effortless flow of wealth.

Clearing Blocks To Abundance

Bring Your Abundance Blocks Into The Light To Clear Them:

To clear your blocks, you first need to become aware of these limitations.  Clearing these abundance blocks will help you step into the flow of prosperity, wealth, money, ease.

  • Block 1: The lack of deserving

  • Block 2: There is not enough

  • Block 3: Negative Money Mindset

  • Block 4: Clutter/Chaos/Drama

  • Block 5: Fear of Loss

  • Block 6: Harboring Resentment

  • Block 7: Focus on What’s Missing

  • Block 8: Living in a “Get” Mindset

My money rituals to invite money in.

RAS, a Reticular Activation System in your brain and the law of attraction.

BONUS: Discover Your Self-Sabotage Part Meditation

Byron Katie's "The Work"

To rip out limiting beliefs and integrate a new powerful way of thinking, Byron Katie’s 3 Questions from “The Work” is an incredibly powerful tool:

3 Questions:

1. Break The Pattern: Is this true? Could this be a misinterpretation or a misconception? Do you have all possible information necessary to know exactly what this means?

2. Get Leverage: What do you feel, experience, and become like when you believe this thought?

3. Annihilate The Limiting Belief: Is this thought didn’t exist, how would you feel, behave and experience life? What would you be like?

Turn It Around:

1. Say the opposite/antithesis is true Ex: This can’t be done. Turnaround: This must and will be done.

2. Replace they/he/she/you with “I” Ex: Suzie is a bitch. Turnaround: I am a bitch

3. What are thee examples that show that antithesis is true?

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