In Module 5 you will learn the following:

  • Create A Vision of Your Chosen Future

  • Set Goals: BHAGS – Big, Hairy & Audacious Goals

  • Create Your Own Unique Declarations that will help your bridge your vision and your life now.  Learn how to guide others through the process of creating their unique declarations

  • Learn the difference between affirmations, incantations and declarations

Vision Meditation: The Set Up

In this video I share with you my own real-life miracles and guidance that I received through vision meditation.

A vision meditation is the process of co-creation with The Universe: it’s 50% divine guidance and 50% your own desires.

Trust that inner guidance.  Do not override your vision.

Vision Meditation

In this session you get to experience the magic of a Vision Meditation, where you get to see a snapshot of your chosen future.

We start the Vision Meditation with Mind Gems to ground down and connect with the guidance of the Universe.

As I take you through the Vision Meditation, even though I saw see yourself on August 31, 2030, when you do the meditation, simply add 10 years from today’s day.

This is a snapshot of your chosen future 10 years from now.

Group Shares & Coaching: Vision

Group Shares & Coaching around Vision Meditation.


  • Record your vision to your voice memos.  Read it with passion, excitement and anticipation.  Meditate to the recording of your chosen future daily.


The Power of Knowing What You Want (focus on what you want, NOT on what you do not want).

Goal Setting: goals are written in present tense, affirmative and are anchored in time.  Set your 1 year, 5 year and 10 year goals in 3 main areas of life: health, relationships and career/money.

Goals are very specific and need to be measurable.

Declarations: The Set Up & The Law of Polarity

A declaration is a uniquely your statement that serves as a bridge between your present life and your chosen future. Once you create your declaration, you step into your chosen future with effortless ease.

A Coaching Example: The Magic of Declarations

In this video you get to witness the magic of declarations.  You will learn how to take yourself and someone else through this powerful process that helps you shape your reality and make your dreams come true.

Please refer to the Creating A Declaration Instructions to help you in this process.

Summary: Affirmations, Incantations & Declarations

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