A Life Beyond Your Wildest Dreams

In Module 2 you will gain understanding of what happens in a meditation, when you connect to the generous present moment, where all possibilities exist.

Learn to tame your body and mind and sit still.  Think of nothing.  This is how you start calling your power back.  With this power, you have the energy to create whatever it is you desire.

Meditation explanation and set up.

In this video, I give you an example out of my own life to illustrate how powerful this meditation is and how exactly it works.

Clear Intention + Elevated Emotion = Manifest That Shit

Clear Intention + Elevated Emotion = Manifest That Shit

What is your clear intention?  What is it that you want?  Formulate your intention clearly.  Remember, clarity is power.

Once your intention has already manifested in your physical reality, how do you feel then?  Feel it.  Imagine it.  Get a feeling tone, an energetic vibration of that emotion.  This is your Elevated Emotion.

You will to identify and write down both Clear Intention and Elevated Emotion of whatever it is that you desire for this meditation to be successful.

Hint: love and appreciation are the key to manifesting that shit.

1. Prepare for the Manifest That Shit Meditation:

  • Pick a letter or a symbol that represents whatever you want to manifest.  Draw 2 squiggly lines around it to represent the electro-magnetic field that you will generate to pull this possibility into your physical reality.

  • Write down your clear intention (what exactly do you want?)

  • write down your elevated emotion (how will you feel once your desire has manifested into your physical reality?)

2. Do the Manifest That Shit Meditation daily.

3. Journal on the questions below to tap into the feeling tone of your desire manifesting into your physical reality.

As you write down for 15-30 minutes whatever comes up when you answer these questions without editing, feel the feeling tone of your emotions.  Do not stop writing until you feel UNSTOPPABLE and absolutely certain that this reality is just a thought away, that it is coming and it is INEVITABLE.

  • If you were able to fully step into the identity of your future self – the woman who has completely normalized living a life beyond her wildest dreams – what would you be feeling now?


  • Knowing that money has become easy, automatic and standard for her/being loved and adored by her partner/feeling healthy, sexy and full of energy/being absolutely fulfilled in every aspect of her life, what would you believe about yourself, your life and your future?

I choose to call my power home.


I am ready to step into the fullness of my power and create a life beyond my wildest dreams quickly and easily.


I fully own all of my heart’s desires.  I am worthy of a life beyond my wildest dreams.

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