A Life Beyond Your Wildest Dreams

Module 3 starts with EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Ho’Oponopono Meditation to clear blocks to manifesting.

You will deepen your understand of how exactly your mind, body and emotions magnetize or pull matter aka create your physical reality.

See Module 3 Slides HERE

This intentional breath, which I call “Manifest That Shit” breath is intended to pull the energy from the bottom of your pelvis to the crown of your head, aka from survival to creation.

This is the natural flow of energy in our bodies. This breath helps us to amplify this energy strengthening the electromagnetic field around our body.

When the electromagnetic field around your body is strong and powerful, you can manifest anything you want with effortless ease.

“Manifest That Shit” Breath pulls your energy from the bottom of your pelvis to the crown of your head, from survival to creation, amplifying and magnifying the electromagnetic field around your body … So you can MANIFEST THAT SHIT and pull to you a life beyond your wildest dreams.

Overview of homework and journaling prompts.

Incantations explanation and examples.

Practice meditation with your eyes open, create cadence, expand the energy field around your body, fully embody the altered state of consciousness, so you can manifest that shit.

Running/Walking Meditation to Manifest That Shit.

1. Practice Breathwork to be able to amplify your electromagnetic field on command.

2. Do the walking/running meditation and combine it with your incantations.  You can use the ones that I suggested, or create your own.

As you write down for 15-30 minutes whatever comes up when you answer these questions without editing, feel the feeling tone of your emotions.  Do not stop writing until you feel UNSTOPPABLE and absolutely certain that this reality is just a thought away, that it is coming and it is INEVITABLE.

  • If absolutely anything was possible and it was easy, what kind of life would you live?

  • Where would you live?

  • How would your house look and feel like?

  • What would you do for work? For fun?

  • Where would you vacation?

  • How would you feel doing the work that excites you?

  • How would you contribute to the world through your work?

I will lead, not follow.

I create, not destroy.

I believe, not doubt.

Defy the odds!  Step up! Step up! Step up!


Every day and in every way, I am strong, healthy, beautiful, sexy, irresistible, enchanting, brilliant, creative, rich AF, lucky AF, divinely guided, infinitely loved and abundantly blessed.


I am a gladiator.  Winter is MY season.  I add massive value and always find my way to victory.  Give me your fears, give me your limits.  I give you RESULTS!


I love you.

I am sorry.

Please forgive me.

Thank you.

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