with Mike Thacker

Learn the anatomy of breath, or more specifically, what happens in your body and brain when you shift your habitual pattern of shallow breath into a more mindful deep breathing.

Practices Video 1 contains the following:


Box Breath

Breath of Fire

Alternate Nostril


Brahmeri or Buzzing Bee Breath

You are in for a very special, whole body, exhilarating, even life-changing experience with this Wim Hof breath.

Group Shares & Coaching.

The benefits of hyperventilation.

Learn the benefits of HYPOventilation and the instructions on how to do it.

Hypoventilation Breathing

Join Mike Thacker in Transformational Breathwork or Advanced Pranayama course.  Yes, you read it right, you get to change your life through your own breathing.

* Physiology – impact of breath:  physical, emotional, mental benefits of correct breathing

* Basics of Pranayama (background, exercise, reflection)

* Victorious Breath (Ujayi) 

* Alternate Nostril Breathing (Nadi Shodana) 

* Brain Purification (Kabalabhati) 

* Bellows  Breathing (Bhastrrika) 

* Buzzing Bee (Brahmeri) 

* Breath Holding (Hypoventilation)

* Hyperventilation Breathing (Tummo)

* Coherent Breathing

> Deep healing of wounds, grief and traumas

> Release undigested emotions and memories

> Release toxins from the cells of the body

> Generate greater self-love and more loving relationships

> Lead you to Emotional Balance

> Feel overwhelming joy

> Discover the ability to manifest greater abundance

> Feel relief from physical pain

> Find deep, inner peace

> Feel massive stress relief and deep relaxation

> Feel increased connection to source

> Transcend the mind and emotions and support an internal awakening

> Break free of old patterns and behaviors

> Quiet the internal critic

> Feel a massive connection to creativity and confidence

> Access expanded states of consciousness, including higher guidance and clarity

About Mike Thacker

Mike Thacker has practiced yoga for 20 years and has taught since 2012.  He earned his original RYT-200 with Roger and Albina Rippy and went on to complete the RYT-500 certification with Baron Baptiste.  In 2017 he trained with Wim Hof and in 2019 earned his Breatheology Instructor certification with Stig Severinsen. The power of breath has always been something that he appreciates but training with Wim Hof opened an awareness and he has gone deeper into his breath practice.  Mike uses yoga (movement, breath, stillness, focus, intention) as a tool to facilitate empowerment and healing. Mike teaches classes/workshops that strengthen your body, focus your mind, and transform your emotional state.

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