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The Yoga Sutra of Maharishi Patanjali is universally known as the primary text on yoga or Raja Yoga.  Also known as the Royal Path, it informs the theory, practice and results of the highest path, AKA meditation.

The Yoga Sutra was compiled in the form of around 200 cryptic Sankrit verses to be memorized and chanted and passed down from teacher to student. It was never meant for a student to learn on their own. It was created as a tool for adept teacher to teach the science of yoga. 

There are two ways to study the Yoga Sutra with a teacher:

1) Study individual verses and interpret them without context, or

2) study each verse in chronological order within the context of each previous verse.

In this course, we will explore each sutra, word by word with Sanskrit translation and commentary.

Please bring all of the different versions of the Yoga Sutra by different authors to compare and contrast. Please have at least one copy with Sanskrit transliteration and translation.

About Ricky Tran

Ricky Tran, BBA, E-RYT 500, YACEP, CBA, serial yoga-preneur, creator of the Breakfast Yoga Club (Houston), the Tranband yoga prop, a few yoga studios, and traveling teacher, is widely recognized as an accomplished yoga practitioner and teacher.

Coming from a life-changing addiction to meth, Ricky found yoga as a way to heal his stiff and aging body, clear his troubled mind and awaken to his highest spiritual Self.

Yes! Inspire, empower and support me in living my best life ever.

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