with Lalita Simon and Albina Rippy

Lalita came into my life through the subtle guidance of my angels.  

I have never been the one to seek the help of psychics or mediums.  I believe that I shape my own destiny and I paint my own canvas of life.

Yet, when I opened my heart to receive the help of my guardian angels and I became curious about the idea of connecting to my roots, my lineage of grandmothers and grandfathers and all of my ancestors that came before them for wisdom and guidance, Lalita showed up in my life in the perfect moment, when I was ready and open to receive my divine guidance.

With her God-given gift of connection to Spirit, Lalita validated all that already knew deep in my heart helping me fully step on my chosen path and fully embody my own divinely given gifts and talents that I chose to develop on my own.

Lalita’s Light virtual workshops are a place and time for us to connect with ourselves and each other, as well as the powers bigger than us.  Although these workshops have intentions, a big part of it is trusting the process and listening to what Spirit wants us to hear.

I am excited to work with Lalita and explore all that in store for us in the Circle of Lalita’s Light.

Here are a few words from Lalita:

My name is Lalita Simon. I always thought that my journey as an Intuitive Healer started after my 39th birthday. It was only when I connected to my Ancestral Grandmother Wisdom did I begin to see that our intuitive journey begins when we take our first breath. When we first seek out the nipple, we just instinctively know to do so. Over the course of our lifetime, as we journey from infancy through to childhood and then adulthood, many factors emerge that block us from being able to embrace our authenticity. One of these factors are deeply ingrained ancestral patterns. Most of the time, we will have no idea how this is even manifesting or contributing as our blockages.

I first began my work with Spirit as a Psychic Medium. I find this ability very helpful in connecting to ancestors because without this connection, I would be unable to hear their stories. I have found that all stories conveyed through me to the person I am sitting with in session contains patterns, if only we would care to look for them and if only we would care to see deeper beneath the surface. Shortly after this, I began to assist people with doing their shadow work via my one to one sessions. One of the areas of focus was on looking at the past lives that are relevant to who they are today and the blocks in the form of patterns that had followed their souls through various incarnations. Most of these were based on the dynamics of relationships.

I break down relationships into three categories when I work – relationship with self, relationship with others and relationship with the wider world and Universe. From the above-mentioned sessions, I found that there were a high number of karmic relationships in incarnation at this time. Karmic relationships usually always contain lessons for us that are very significant to our soul growth and they are also almost always quite traumatic and painful. One such karmic relationship centres on family.

Around this time I began learning to chart the Moon and her energy, and I incorporated her healing energies into my work. I know that there is so much more that the Moon Goddess can teach us about Divine Feminine energy. I feel intuitively that there is vast amounts of untapped potential where she can assist us with healing our deepest wounds and that these wounds lie within the as yet untapped depths of our consciousness. I have found that working with the Moon helps these wounds rise up to the surface so that we can then guide them through a healing process and reclaim our strengths from within these wounds.

At this time, I also began writing energy updates. I based these mostly on the cycles of the Moon but as I embarked on a passionate love affair with Astrology and the planets, I began to incorporate other planetary movements such as Retrogrades and planets moving signs etc. into these posts. They usually resonated with regard to what was occurring in the daily lives of my regular readers.

Between 2017/18 I heard very strong guidance that I needed to work on Ancestral Healing. Nothing happened for three months after I received this guidance. After this, guidance and insight came to me on how to begin the process of uncovering the shadows that lay sleeping in my ancestral lines. When I went through this process, it felt to me like I had been in the dark without knowing it. So many lights came on for me. For example, I understood why I suffered with my monthly cycles and why I held the belief system about myself that I did, amongst other insights and epiphanies mostly to do with my relationship with my family. I felt the weight of the shadows for a while afterwards as I went through the process of transmuting the energy. Ancestral Healing has the ability to highlight the areas of scarcity and lack that we hold within our psyche, and this conscious awareness is very freeing and liberating when it is transmuted successfully.

The freedom and liberation does not stop there. Having this knowledge of my ancestral line enabled me to hold deeper compassion for others and my empathy grew greatly in a really humbling and good way. I began to “see” much more clearly and I also became more intuitive. This enabled me to dive deeper into my soul purpose. I believe that the more our soul grows and unlearns the limitations imposed on it by conditioning, the more we are able to become less judgemental of others and hold greater unconditional love – for ourselves and for others. The capacity to hold more unconditional love is what helps us heal faster from our deepest wounds. It is a pretty simple formula once you embrace and embody it.

Where we descend from matters more than we may realise. Most of us may not be completely aware of these hidden ancestral patterns so we may not always realise why we sometimes feel so locked into our limiting beliefs. Limiting beliefs keep us from connecting completely with the abundance and prosperity that is all around us but most of all it keeps us from our ability to heal ourselves on a deeper level. When we heal at a deeper level, we are able to live more freely from the authenticity of our soul. When we live from this space of authenticity we begin to see how beautifully the relationships around us change to reflect this state of simply being who we came to this earth to be.

I strongly believe that the foundational experiences that I have had working with Spirit and what I have learnt from all the people I have worked with so far will contribute so much value to what I can teach anyone who is interested in joining me on this journey via these workshops.

The Workshop: 

My intention for these workshops, my internal mantra with which I intend to serve you is this ~

The Divine Mother within me,
Acknowledges and bows to the Divine Mother within you.
As I heal, so too do you,
As you heal, so too do I.

For a few days before fleshing out what this workshop would look like, I kept being guided to listen to a Divine Mantra. As I went deep into Meditation, I connected with the beautifully healing, golden and pure energy of the Divine Mother. The Divine Mother is the energy of Source in a feminine expression.

I walk daily as I take my children to school. This is a time when I am able to connect to the energy around me and I find that I receive much insight and guidance on these walks. It was on one of these walks that the vision of what these workshops would be came to me clearly. These workshops would be a circle of healing and a platform for channelled guidance on the areas that need inner work within those of us who would join together to form this circle. It will also channel healing energy and unconditional love in whatever form and expression as guided by the Divine Mother according to the needs of this circle. I will continue to use the cycles of the Moon for inspiration and planetary energy where guided to as it is all truly connected to each other.

After this vision of the Divine Mother came to me, I collected my daughter from school. I saw the Divine Mother within her so clearly and I wanted to bow deeply to her in gratitude. I also saw this light emanating from all the women and little girls around me. In that moment, my heart filled up with so much love that I wanted to weep tears of profound joy. As a side note, I believe that the Divine Mother is also present in all men and boys of course but for the purposes of this workshop, my focus is on the female ancestral lines that are weeping and suffering from the burden of remaining unhealed. I also believe that before we undertake helping the men, we must first undertake to help ourselves.

There is much talk in the world about the Divine Feminine and though this is concern is truly valid as an area that is crying out desperately for healing, we must also think about what exactly we are each called to do in order to heal the Divine Feminine within us. If we don’t, the collective wound of the Divine Feminine would feel way too overwhelming. It never begins outside of us. It always begins deep within us.

“Every woman who heals herself helps heal all the women who came before her and all those who will come after her.”
~ Christiane Northrup ~

As I embarked on my own personal journey with Ancestral Healing, I began to see how I could make a difference in my maternal ancestry. There are so many little things that we can do to improve our relationships and our ancestry when we begin to make a concerted effort to connect to Ancestral Grandmother Wisdom and the Circle of Courage. Your Circle of Courage includes all your female ancestors and your female descendants, whether still living or deceased. 

When ancestral patterns are so deeply ingrained, they result in unclear communication, unmet needs and an innate ability to bypass truth amongst other things. All this can result in profound frustration. I have noted that there is always at least one person in a family who is called to step up and wear the mantle of doing the inner work required to help the family heal. This person will always have a very strong connection to their ancestors, even if they may not always be aware of it at first. The awareness will come when the soul is called to do the work.

I envision these Workshops to be virtual circles where we are led and guided by the Divine on how to connect to our individual Ancestral Grandmother Wisdom and connect deeper to our Circles of Courage.

Let me share with you a little bit of my personal experience. As I began this work, I started breaking limiting patterns for myself. I began to express myself more clearly. I began to learn how to communicate my truth in a more authentic way rather than speaking solely from my wounds and ego. I saw how I was heard. I saw how I could ensure that I was hearing when someone else spoke to me. I saw how I could teach my daughter these things so that these patterns would hopefully die with us.

I began to listen more to what family members were communicating but not to just the words they were using. I connected to the pockets of pain in my Circle of Courage. This is so important because it is often these areas that are sorely in need of healing. I found that the more I did this, the more the energetic connection between me, my mother, my aunts and my sister strengthened to the point that if I was not ok, they would all simultaneously message me just by feeling my energetic space to check on me. This did not happen before I embarked on this journey.

Who Is My Audience? 

If you have read everything that I have shared so far and it resonates deeply for you, then YOU, dear Reader are my audience.

  • Are you doing the inner soul work but sometimes find it a struggle to incorporate it into your daily life? 
  • Are you yearning to connect to a higher source so that you can feel more aligned with your soul authenticity?
  • Are you looking to improve your intuitive abilities?
  • Are you asking why you struggle when you make choices concerning how you invest your energy?
  • Are you being challenged by recurring patterns that you just do not understand especially within the dynamics of family relationships?
  • Are you looking to piece together the puzzle of “Who Am I?” and are feeling a deep yearning that feels to you like you are seeking your roots?

If you are seeking your roots, it is most likely that this is because your roots are seeking you. If your roots are seeking you, then it is my humble hope that you will embark on this sacred journey with me towards discovering your Ancestral Grandmother Wisdom so that you can help heal your Circle of Courage.

Blessed Be,

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