with Albina Rippy

On Day 1 of Manifest Maestro Challenge you learn about 4 Stages of Our Spiritual Development and how it relates to our manifesting powers.

1. Work on your Power of Knowing What You Want circle (you can make one or fifty, it is totally up to you).  You can make one for all the major areas of your life: health, relationships, money and career.

2. Pink Bubble Meditation (below) combines the elements of The Power of Knowing What You Want, creative visualization and surrender.  It is such a powerful manifesting tool.  Enjoy!

3. Loving Kindness or Metta Meditation is a noble practice of Brahma Vihara that comes from Buddhism.  It is a powerful way to let go, forgive and clear your energetic bandwidth to create your dream life.  This is a path from the victim mindset to manifestor magic.  Enjoy!

On Day 2 of Manifest Maestro Challenge we unpack Creative Visualization Technique and The Power of Incantations to shape your reality.

1. Write down your vision 1, 3, or 5 years into your future, aka your chosen future.  Read it with passion and enthusiasm and record it on your voice memo.  Listen to it as your guided meditation, aka creative visualization method.

2. Create your own incantations and say them with passion and enthusiasm when you run, walk or work out.  This is a wonderful way to start your day and program your own mind for success and fulfillment.

3. Optional: surrender meditation

On this last day of our 3-day Manifest Maestro Challenge you will learn about the Universal Laws of Prosperity and Abundance and how they can help you step into the abundant flow of money.

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1. Make a list of all the people you would like to outflow your love, appreciation & acknowledgment.  Send them a text, give them a phone call, buy them flowers or simply give them a wholehearted compliment.  Make food for someone.  Give away your knowledge, share your passion with others. Tithe you’re income.  Be creative.  Think of other ways to give.

2. Clean out your closet, organize your house/wallet/phone/email.  Create space for something new.

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