“To get you must give.” -Arthur William Beer

Please understand that in giving, you will also be receiving all that you desire: love, health, abundance, wealth, your dream life.

The crucial element in The Vacuum Law of Prosperity is that you must let go of the old before you will ever make room for the new. 

With this in mind, let’s clear the clutter!

Your homework for this week:

  1. clean out and organize your closet, your apartment, your house.  Throw/give away all that you no longer want to create space for something new in your life.  Give freely.  As you give an item away, say “thank you for being a part of my life.”  You can say a Ho’Oponopono prayer (see more details under Ho’Oponopono) I love you.  I am sorry.  Please forgive me.  Thank you
  2. delete unwanted pictures, videos and contacts off your phone.
  3. journal on the questions below
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Brahma Vihara Meditation

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