Connect with Your Subconscious: Self Sabotage

Why do you want to be poor? …or why do you stop short of success?

Do you have a fear of success? What will it mean about you if you are successful?

Do you have a fear of failure? What will happen if you try again and fail?

Identify the part of you that wants you to be stuck/alone/hopeless/miserable/poor.

Get a feeling for where it is and its intensity or location in your body.

Describe the part: (size, color, and shape). What do you think that the color, size, or shape means about the part?

What does it want: (positive intention…there are many levels of this, be sure you have asked it to go deeper each time)

What does it need from you in order to stop the sabotage? Be very open to the wisdom from the part, whatever it tells you to do. Simply say “thank you!  I love you!”

What else does it need? What else does it want you to know?

What agreement did the part make with you? What does it want you to do, in order to release the block or limitation?

Find out what the part wants you to do to resolve the problem.

Do not proceed until you are clear on the parts session. It may take one time or several days to be clear with this part.

The part looks like:

The part feels like:

The part wants:

Resource: Wendi Friesen

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