Module IV:
Step Into The Flow: Forgive & Let Go. The Power of Authentic Generosity.

Lesson I: Generate Greater Flow Through Forgiveness and Letting Go.

You may ask, what does forgiveness have to do with financial abundance? Just like anything else in this word, money is energy and energy must flow.    Forgiveness opens that sacred flow and resentment, blame and grudge block the flow.

Make a decision to forgive and let go, ask for divine help, and open up to receive the gift of forgiveness.


Lesson II: Sacred Friends Hold Your Key To Abundant Flow

The Dalai Lama said that we all have our own “Sacred Friends.” These are the people in our lives that are especially difficult to love and forgive. It is through forgiving our “Sacred Friends” that we evolve our hearts to be bigger than the pain they may have brought us. We can choose to free our hearts from pain and resentment and step into the divine flow of life.

Who are your Sacred Friends?  Who do you need to forgive?  Do you need to forgive yourself?

Meditation: Loving Kindness Brahma Vihara.

The Brahma viharas (or the Four Immeasurables) are some of the oldest known meditations from the Buddhist tradition.  The story goes that a group of young monks upon seeing the Buddha asked him how they could also become enlightened. He replied that no one can teach you to become enlightened, but if you practice these practices regularly it will create the conditions into which enlightenment may spontaneously arise.

Here, I share with you Loving Kindness Brahma Vihara as a path to forgiveness and letting go.  Remember, forgiveness is your spiritual hygiene.  It requires a daily practice.


Lesson III: Authentic Generosity Generates Abundance Flow

Another way to increase the flow of abundance in our lives is focusing on giving instead of getting.

The act of giving aligns you with the Universe’s generosity and opens you up to the powerful circulation of energy, The Law of Circulation.

Here are some creative forms of giving, as giving the 10% of your money, time and talent (your tithe):

  • Volunteer your time and energy  in any form you are called to
  • Spend time with a friend who is going through tough times
  • Give your love and attention freely, tell people you love them
  • Give compliments often
  • Share your gifts and talents with the world
  • Donate & support through financial contributions

Give joyfully.  Give freely and the Universe will give you so much more than you can ever imagine.

With Love and Light,



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