Module V:
Gratitude Is The Frequency Harmonious With Abundance.

Gratitude is the Frequency Harmonious with Abundance..

In the last few lessons, we learned about ways to generate a greater flow in our lives through forgiveness and generous giving.  In this lesson, you get to learn about the tremendous power of gratitude.

Gratitude is one of the oldest spiritual practices in the world. Nearly all religions on the planet emphasize the importance of gratitude, and how it amplifies the abundance in your life.

When you consciously choose to live in gratitude, no matter what, you truly step into the Divine Flow of Life, the The Flow of Abundance: health, wealth, joy, fulfillment, money.

Gratitude Meditation

When you step into the energetic frequency of appreciation, you are on the same frequency as abundance.  Practicing this Gratitude Meditation daily helps you live in the energetic base of gratitude and abundance.

In this frequency, you see new opportunities and new possibilities that have always been there, but you were not yet able to see them because of the resentment, blame, grudge, etc.


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