Do you love yoga?

Do you want to deepen your practice and your understanding of yoga, beyond the physical?

Do you want to unleash your innate power and start creating your life instead of being a victim to you circumstances?

Do you want to embody confidence, effortless ease and a greater flow of life?

Do you yearn to connect with people?

Are you curious about doing incredible work that helps people live a healthy, happy and inspired life?

RYT200 Yoga Teacher Training with Albina Rippy can help you with all of the above.

You may come to RYT200 with a desire to deepen your yoga practice by becoming a yoga teacher…

Undoubtedly, you will become a yoga teacher, better yet, a masterful yoga teacher committed to growth, evolution and expansion of self.

You will learn and apply the practical tools of becoming a confident leader standing in your innate power and speaking with passion, enthusiasm and grace.

You will discover the more subtle aspects of not only yoga, but life, which unlocks the flow of energy.  When you open your heart, connect with your heartfelt desire to serve and love, people sense it.  They are drawn to you.  Perfect people, opportunities, life events will show up for you in perfect timing and in a perfect way.  This is the Flow of Life, the flow of energy.  This is how you step into the life beyond your wildest dreams.

in-person 6-day immersion of daily yoga practice, genuine human connection and experiential dive into teaching yoga, unlocking your vocal variety and your authentic voice, hands-on assists, receiving and incorporating in-the-moment feedback.

self-study work that includes the following pre-recorded content that Albina and her husband Roger created during their on-line live RYT200 Yoga Teacher Training:

  • True North Alignment Methodology for Power Yoga

  • Power Flow Posture Clinic: alignment, hands on assists & methodology

  • 90-Minute Journey Into Power Yoga Practice

  • Presence Meditation

  • Yoga Philosophy: 8 Limbs of Yoga (Yamas, Niyamas, Asana, Pranayama, Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhayana, Samadhi)

  • 90-min Power Vinyasa with Roger Rippy

  • I Let The Universe Express Through Me Meditation with Albina Rippy

  • Above & Below The Line

  • Happy & Unhappy Face God

  • The Divine Flow of Life

  • Your Body Is Innately Intelligent

  • 4 Stages of Spiritual Development

  • Your Words Create Your World: Incantations

  • Vision Meditation

  • 60-Minute Power Flow Yoga Practice

  • Yoga Anatomy & Hands-On Assists

  • Priming Meditation

  • 60-Minute Power Flow with Roger & Albina

  • Chakras & Chakra Meditation For Life Decision Making

  • Business of Yoga: Clearing Blocks to Abundance

  • Business of Yoga: Social Media

  • 50-Minute Journey Into Power with Albina

  • Story vs Fact: Explore Your Story, Change Your Story and You Will Change Your Life

  • Heart Meditaion

  • 90-Minute Journey Into Power Yoga Practice

  • Ho’Oponopono: An Ancient Hawaiian Practice To Release & Clear All That Is In The Way Of Creating Love, Abundance, Health & Joy

  • EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) or Tapping Ho’Oponopono

  • Death Meditation: A Powerful Tool That Makes It Crystal Clear What Matters Most To You, So You Can Live Your Life To The Fullest NOW

  • 90-Minute Journey Into Power Yoga Practice

  • A Deep Dive Into Pranayama (Transformational Breathing) with Mike Thacker: Box Breath, Breath of Fire, Alternate Nostril, Bastrika, Brahmeri or Buzzing Bee Breath, Wim Hot Breath

  • 8 Bonus Meditations To Create A Life Beyond Your Wildest Dreams

You will feel connected with an amazing group of like-minded people.

You will learn that yoga is so much more than physical asana.  Yoga is a path towards a happy, healthy and abundant life.

You will leave inspired and empowered to quantum leap towards the life you yearn for in every area of your life: health, relationships, vocation, money.

Roger and Albina Rippy have been running in-person teacher trainings since 2009 and have graduated over a thousand of outstanding yoga teachers who now teach all over the world through their former community of 7 studios, YogaOne Studios, in Houston, Texas and a yoga & meditation retreat center in Taos, NM.

We believe this will be our best, most fun and adventurous teacher training yet. And because this is happening in the time when the economy is impacted for so many of us, we are offering what we typically charge $3,000 for just $1,499 (by aug 15). That’s 50% OFF.

If you’ve always wanted to do a yoga teacher training or you’ve had to put your plans on pause, this is your opportunity to become a teacher.

attend in-person immersion at Yoga2Gather in Houston, TX on Sep 29-Oct  (we start approx at 5PM on Fri and finish by noon on the following Thur.  Daily training will take place from approx 8AM to 6PM)


study all 9 Modules of self-study content that you will receive via email immediately after signing up.

submit all required homework at once.  We encourage you to complete all the homework within one year.

Once you submit ALL HOMEWORK AT ONCE, and upon the review and approval of your work, you will receive a Rippy Yoga RYT200 Certificate of Completion, which you will use for Yoga Alliance RYT200 registration (this step is optional.  You can opt out from the Yoga Alliance registration).

*** For more information, please text Albina at 713-443-6466 to schedule a call

Albina and Roger Rippy are yoga teachers, conscious community leaders and former yoga studio owners with over 40 years of collective yoga practice and over 26 years of collective teaching experience. They formerly owned YogaOne Studios, a community of 7 yoga studios in Houston, Texas and Blue Sky Retreat Center, a historic mountain retreat center in Taos, New Mexico. They have recently returned from traveling the world for a year with their two children and a fluffy dog, Dante and currently live in Austin, TX. Their purpose is to help people live happy, healthy and inspired lives through yoga, meditation, self-inquiry, heathy eating and conscious living.

Roger and Albina have been leading RYT-200 hr beginner and RYT-300 hr advanced Yoga Teacher Trainings since 2008 graduating over a thousand trainees who now teach yoga all over the world.

Over the years, Roger and Albina have led over 10,000 yoga classes to over 125,000 students.

Roger and Albina Rippy
Yoga Alliance School
Divine Guidance

-Native of Kazakhstan

-E-RYT 500 (Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher at 500hr level with Yoga Alliance)

-Forrest Yoga Guardian & Certified Level 3 Forrest Yoga Teacher.

-Former Owner of YogaOne Studios (7 locations in Texas, USA with 50 full-time employees, 130 yoga teachers and 550+ classes a week).

-Former Owner of Blue Sky Retreat- yoga and meditation retreat center in Taos, NM.

-Former Owner of www.mat2mat.com -on-line yoga service.

-2,500 hrs teacher training experience as a student and assistant to Ana Forrest.

-Co-founder of Texas Yoga Conference

-Taught yoga at the U.S. White House Annual Easter Egg Roll 2014 & 2015.

-Created a yoga program for at-risk teenage boys through Youth Outreach 2014-2016.

-Certified Ho’oponopono Prayer Facilitator

-Completed Tony Robbins’ Unleash the Power Within, Date with Destiny, Business Mastery and Wealth and Life Mastery

-Certified Lightyear Leadership Life Coach (formerly igolu with Suzanne Conrad)

-Business and Life Coach and founder of Yoga Mogul online course for yoga studio owners and managers

– Advanced meditator with Dr. Joe Dispenza

– Graduate of the Hoffman Process

-E-RYT 500 (Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher at 500hr level with Yoga Alliance, the highest level of experience).

-Certified Baptiste Yoga Teacher.

-Certified Forrest Yoga Teacher.

-Former Owner of YogaOne Studios (7 locations in Texas, with 50 full-time employees, 130 yoga teachers and 550+ classes a week)

-Former Owner of Blue Sky Retreat- yoga and meditation retreat center in Taos, NM

-Former Owner of www.mat2mat.com -on-line yoga video service.

-Former Yoga Alliance Board of Directors Board Member 2011-2016.

-Former Texas Yoga Association Director (2011-2012).

-Co-founder and Director of In-Powered by One Significant Act, a yoga-based, non-profit organization bringing yoga to under-served schools, Juvenal justice programs and prisons with a purpose to interrupt school-to-prison pipeline (2012-present), www.in-powered.org.

-Co-founder of Texas Yoga Conference.

-Over 2,000 hrs of teacher training experience as a yoga student and assistant to Baron Baptiste and Paige Elenson, founder of Africa Yoga Project.

-Assisted Africa Yoga Project Teacher Training with Baron Baptiste with over 120 trainees in Kenya. Mentored Kenyan yoga teacher for 4 years.

-Taught yoga at the White House Annual Easter Egg Roll 2014 and 2105.

-Completed Brene Brown Wholehearted Living Program.

-Taught yoga at Oprah’s Own Your Life Tour.

Roger and Albina Rippy

“For years I have been seeking a deeper connection with God and with my true identity through reading, courses, retreats and more. As the flow of life would have it, a growing interest in sharing my new love for the practice of yoga, I learned about Albina and her training, but this would prove to be no ordinary entry level yoga certification program.

RYT200 training for yoga instruction certification is SO MUCH MORE than simply yoga certification hours. It is an experiential learning time that guides participants into the inner knowing of who we are in this world. Albina invites students into the heart of our Creator in a powerful yet gentle way that promises to be a springboard into the life we are ALL made for.

For the past several years, I have been on a deep dive into my inner world and have paid LOTS of money for coaching and faith-based programs. While these were wonderful for my learning and growth, Albina’s week-long, in-person immersion coupled with 8 in-depth online modules, this training accelerated my growth and deepened the level of breakthrough my heart has longed for and frankly thought was not going to happen.

Coupling meditation practice with science-back manifestation teachings, asana and pranayama and so much more combined opens the human heart – mind – body to uplevel everything as we let go of the past and the unknowns of the future and embrace the NOW.

I will be forever grateful for this experience and the fabulous new friendships gained…not to mention I am quite confident I am going to be a really great yoga instructor. I can confidently say this now, thanks to Albina”.

-Amy H.

The Woodlands, TX

“I know how to trust myself and show up in total authenticity — on the mat and in life — thanks to Albina’s RYT200 training. I learned so much more than just asanas; I discovered the power that is unleashed when we relax the heart, get clear on our intentions and feel the immense joy and ease of being our true selves. Having been seen and celebrated during this 6-day teacher training, I now long to see and celebrate others, every day.

This training was my rebirth. Albina’s loving, generous teaching was like sunlight that evaporated the fog obscuring my view of my innate essence. I now arrive fully on my mat, in my relationships and in the present moment, thanks to Albina and my beautiful community of teachers in training. I’m wildly grateful that I made the choice to sign up. It changed my life”.

– Jenny

Houston, TX

“I signed up with Albina Rippy’s 200 hour teacher training to improve my Asana practice and to learn more about the practice of yoga.

What has happened after a week of in person teacher training has been a deep personal transformation which I can describe in one word: CLARITY.

Through this course I’ve let go of my limiting beliefs about myself and I feel empowered to manifest my desires which I have always known but didn’t know how to make them happen.

Albina was present with each one of us this past week, listened, was non-judgemental and gave us all encouraging advise. She made us us see through ourselves what our deepest desires are, how to see what was right in front of us but we couldn’t see.

I feel renewed! At the age of 60, a new path in my life has taken place. I know I want more!

I would recommend this course to anyone wanting to improve not only their Asana practice, but as an exercise for self discovery”.

-Debbie C.

Bellaire, TX

Frank Briscoe

“When I considered yoga teacher training with Roger & Albina, I was more interested in bumping up my practice rather than teaching yoga.  I ran this thought by Roger. 

He said I would certainly feel the benefits in my practice. However, he said, the most important thing people get out of the training, much more important than learning how to lead a class through asanas – is finding out how to show up in your life completely and powerfully, by being fully and authentically present as a whole human being. 

I remember I had decided to sign up before he finished the sentence.”

-Frank Briscoe      

Marci Sharif

“Yoga Teacher Training with Roger and Albina was a life-changing experience.  In a completely supportive environment, I was able to come more fully into my yoga practice, sense of self and personal power.

Roger and Albina’s compassionate and inspired presence create a loving atmosphere where it’s ok to just be yourself.  I was able to open up in a whole new way, forge deep connections and cultivate a greater sense of my own inner strength.  Enrolling was one of the best decisions I have ever made – and I don’t say that lightly!”

-Marci Sharif

John Coakley

“Yoga Teacher Training with Roger and Albina was simply amazing.  For those 10 days I was able to put my life on hold and really focus on me.  It took me out of my comfort zone on a daily basis, but at the same time, I have never felt more comfortable to be myself.  This training taught me how to feel again.

Taking this training was the best decision of my life.  Despite many years of drug abuse, I am now on a path of healing.  I now have space in my physical and emotional body to stand up and live a happy and fulfilled life.”

-John Coakley

Jill Cortez

“This yoga teacher training was not about asana.  I learned I can make a difference, to contribute to the world around me.  In order to be a great servant, I had to let go of some things to clear out my space, to serve with truth.  I was being cleansed.  All the tools I gained and the knowledge I learned helped me express who I am for others in and out of class, off and on the mat.  I commit to being authentic when I lead and to speak from my truth.

I thank Albina and Roger and my entire group during that transformational Yoga Teacher Training for being a part of my journey.”

-Jill Cortez


Roger’s background is Baptiste Power Yoga and Vinyasa Flow and Albina’s background is Forrest Yoga.  Our teaching styles are influenced by our lineage.  By the end of the teacher training, you will have the basic understanding of what goes into an intelligent class sequence for a vinyasa flow/hatha yoga.


Your yoga, or asana practice has nothing to do with your readiness to complete a yoga teacher training.  All that is required is your desire to go deeper into yoga.  You don’t even have to teach yoga, if you don’t want to. At the end of this teacher training, you will acquire the skills to elevate every single area of your life, step into your innate power and create the life you yearn for.


This is a 200 hour teacher training, which means we will deliver 200 hours worth of content, which includes an in-person immersion and pre-recorded self-study content that you will receive via email as soon as you sign up.


In-person immersion is where you will get all the practical and experiential training.  This is where you experience all the transformation and growth.  This fulfills Yoga Alliance requirements for RYT200 and you get a lot of individualized coaching and guidance.


There are no refunds or partial refunds. We commit to delivering the full training to you and you commit to completing it when you register. If you choose not to complete it, that is not a basis for a refund. Please be fully committed before registering. If you have additional questions or you can email us directly at albina@albinarippy.com.


No. We don’t care what level of physical practice you have. The only prerequisite is to commit to a regular practice of yoga and meditation during the training (and hopefully forever after), and not just on the days when we have class (a short daily practice is OK). We prefer you focus on what you CAN do, rather than what you CANNOT YET do. As the saying goes, practice and all is coming.


Yes, we think so. We simply are attempting to make it affordable during these uncertain times. We normally charge $3,000 for this same training. We have trained over a thousand of outstanding yoga teachers over the years and we’ve been leading trainings regularly since 2009. Between us, we have over 40 years of yoga practice, 26 years of teaching yoga and 22 years of leading teacher trainings. You are in good hands.


Yes, but you will pay more this way. The least expensive way to pay a one-time payment of $1,499 by Aug 15 (or a payment plan of 4 consecutive monthly payments of $499 for a total of $1,996).  You must be paid in full prior to receiving a certificate of completion of the course. 


We highly recommend that you complete your homework within one year.


Once you register for the program, you will receive an automated email with all the details, including the homework requirements.  Remember, this is a 200-hour program.  Please know that this will require a minimum of 200 hours of work on your part.


Once you register, you will receive RYT200 modules every week for self-study.  In-person immersion will be held at Yoga2Gather in Houston, TX starting at 5PM on Fri, Sep 29 and finishing by noon on Thur, Oct 5.  Every week you will receive an email with new Module of self-study content with detailed instructions on what videos to watch and what work to complete.

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