with Albina Rippy
“The Yoga Teacher Training with Albina & Roger has completely changed my life.
This training has shown me how to apply the skills and philosophy of yoga while moving through the world, and has also taught me how to step into my true self.
I have gained invaluable insight into the true magic of how I am connected to the universe and how we are all connected to one another.”
– Brandi Henley

“I have benefited so much from Roger and Albina’s authenticity, vulnerability, and knowledge. My yoga practice has improved. My understanding of my own body and mind has deepened. My perspective has expanded.

I came to this Yoga Teacher Training riddled with anxiety about my future and the future of the world as I watched Covid19 tear across the globe.

Albina and Roger’s focus on personal growth has helped learn how to see possibility where I once only saw hopelessness.”

-Annilee Newton


“Finally, my life and the Universe collaborated to get me into teacher training with Albina and Roger.

Going into TT I had said even if they have me wear a blindfold to class each day, I will do it because their teachings go beyond the physical- they teach to the soul.

Both Roger and Albina approach every lesson with a practical application and connect it to the depths of your inner being and to the collective. It’s like really tasting the sweetness of a berry for the first time.

Anyone on the fence, I would say sign up. Sign up for everything you can. You will not regret it.”

-Rumisa Raoof

Yes! Inspire, empower and support me in living my best life ever.

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