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Bonus: Budget, Forecast & Execution

n this August 2022 SHE-E-O Mastermind Bonus Gathering, I show you how I read my P&L statements, create a budget/forecast and execution strategy. The document linked in this video is HERE


1. Print out and fill out your Wheel of Life to assess your starting point, or where you are right now in your life.
2. Write down the vision for your chosen future aka what you saw in the vision meditation
3. Write down your goals for every area of your Wheel of Life (business, finances, health, relationships, personal growth, etc.)

August 2022: Vision & Goals – MAP

In the August 2022 SHE-E-O gathering we go through a process of heartfelt sensing of what is correct for us to set as goals for the remainder of the year in our business and in our intimate life.

We create a MAP that will get us to where we want to go in life. In order for the map to be accurate, we need clarity around our STARTING POINT and our DESTINATION.

For the Starting point:

1. We journal on our wins and accomplishments that we have already enjoyed this year.

2. We use The Wheel of Life to assess where we are currently in various areas of our life: health, finances, career, relationships, inner state, etc.

For the Destination:

1. I take you through a short vision meditation, so you can tap into a snapshot of your chosen future and see what is yet to come. We then write down what came up for us in the vision meditation.

2. With the vision in mind, we create goals for the remainder of 2022, 1-year goals, 5-year goals and 10-year goals. Goals must be specific, anchored in time and written in affirmative.

Now get in a state of positive anticipation. Expect a miracle. Your visions and goals will come to you in no time and so much better than anything you could ever imagine.


1. Get your historic financial statements in order (we will need Profit & Loss statement to create a budget/forecast/business plan for our August 15 gathering).  If you do not yet have the financials, create your forecast to the best of your ability.  If you do not know how, don’t worry, I will show you how to do it on our next zoom gathering.
2. To help you clear static and blocks to abundance and ease, please say Ho’Oponopono to your partners, your business, yourself and your goals: I love you.  I am sorry.  Please forgive me.  Thank you.
3. Bonus: write down 111 things you appreciate about someone.  This can be written to the people you love or to the people who challenge you (your difficult partners, your exes, your challenging clients, etc.). This is not an easy exercise and once you do it, your energy will transform completely leading to unbelievable miracles showing up in your life.  Essentially, you are re-wiring your brain to see the situation from a brand new perspective, you are clearing energy and you are elevating your vibration.

July 2022: Basic Accounting, Partnerships, Energy-to-Matter Creation:

The most important thing that I want to highlight for you is this:
Before you take any action, please spend some time clearing your doubts/fears/grudges, set a powerful intention and align for the goal.  Doing this energy work before you take any action will help you achieve your desired outcome much faster and with ease.
Here is what we covered in July:
1. Basic Accounting – the advantages and tax savings of owning your own business
2. Navigating Partnerships: The Legal Matters & The Energetics
3. To Leap or Not To Leap: decisions, indecisions and doubting your decisions to leave the corporate world
4. Public Speaking: how to inspire and move your audience
5. Distinguishing between ego & intuition, clearing and integration of your goals

June 2022: The Beginning – Intention, Get to Know Each Other, Clarity is Power

We kick off the SHE-E-O Mastermind with getting to know each other and setting the intent for the upcoming year:

  1. Create a community of strong, powerful, confident and successful women who support and inspire each other.
  2. Hustle aka all the practical tools and strategies to start, grow and eventually exit (if you want to) your business: creating a business plan, a budget, pricing strategies, marketing and selling from your soul and so much more.
  3. Energy-to-matter creation, stepping into effortless ease and creating in no time.


  1. Incorporate your business LLC (in TX $300, file form *205 online and set up your EIN (for US)
  2. Open a bank account and credit card
  3. Journal on the Clarity is Power -* this is the most important part* and watch The Power of Knowing What You Want (below)

The Power of Knowing What You Want

Most people don’t know what they really want. They know they don’t like their job, but they don’t know what else to do.

They know they are not happy in their relationship, but they are unwilling to do anything about it. After all, better the devil you know than the devil you don’t.

For those of us who know what we want, there is always room for more clarity. Besides, you change and the circumstances in your life change as well. Working on creating clarity around what you want is a constant and never-ending process.

Clarity is power. When you know what you want, you are 100% aligned with your intention. You make decisions with power and ease. You take massive action. Moreover, something beyond the ordinary starts showing up in your life. The right people and the right opportunities appear out of nowhere.

Let me show you the process that I do every time I am at a new beginning, or when something is coming to an end or I sense the need for a change in my life.

It’s a series of questions that you journal on. These questions direct your mind to focus on things beyond the surface and go deep into what it is that you truly desire.

These questions helped me create clarity around the businesses that I have created and expanded, the most incredible retreats I’ve led around the world, the courses I’ve created on my online educational platform. They help me identify what I really want in my relationships and where I am going in life.

Here are the JOURNALING POMPTS.  I encourage you to take the time to journal on these questions.  You will step into 100% clarity and become fully committed and aligned behind what you want.

7 Levels Deep: Find Your Ultimate Why.  Knowing your WHY drives your creation.

Clarity = Bigger Future.  Clarity is power.  What is it that you really want?

Identify and Clear Your Self-Sabotage Patterns, so you can create with effortless ease

Shaping The Future – The Power of Meditation 

As we close our Year of Yes! I want to send you off with the most powerful tool I know.

Just in mid September I said that I did not reach any of the goals I set for 2021. If I am honest with myself, I can tell you that I felt a bit discouraged. I doubted myself as in “how can I teach people about manifesting if I can’t embody this work and show results in my own life?”
Here we are at the tail end of December and, as I look at the “impossible” goals I set out for myself this year, I am once again in awe.
Pretty much all of it is manifesting into reality right now.
All it took is faith, patience, trust…
And of course discipline, consistency and work 💪🏽
This is what co-creation is all about: commit to your dreams, work your butt off and surrender at the same time.
I can honestly tell you that I have read every manifesting book there is multiple times, at least the best ones for sure. I’ve watched every documentary, did every seminar and every course there is .. multiple times. If you have heard of a manifestation tool, I’ve probably tried it again and again.
And out of all these tools and thousands of hours I dedicated to this work, I can wholeheartedly tell you that the most powerful tool out of them all is MEDITATION!
On this call I share why meditation works to help you shape your future.
I explain it with the language of neuroscience and quantum physics, yoga and spirituality and of course, my own practical experience.
As we finish off 2021 and head into 2022, let us empower you with this powerful tool.

Archetypes and the Magnetics of the Relationships 

What exactly are Relationship Magnetics? What are the laws that govern how people come into our lives? Is it Divine Design? Attraction? Fate? Destiny? Can just anyone come, stay, or go?
Are there certain laws that keep people from entering your life, or that keep others from leaving your life?
Can you change your Relationship Magnetics? If so, what would that take?
Why do I continue to attract the same negative relationship patterns and dynamics into my life, even after multiple attempts to change this?
Even when a new relationship finally seems to be different at first, why does it often turn out to essentially be the same suffering pattern – just different packaging that has tricked me?
How is that I find myself signed up for yet another ‘rescue mission’, at a great cost to my personal energy and resources – especially when it comes to family members?
How is it that I keep getting matched with those who are emotionally unavailable, dishonest, and/or narcissistic takers lacking in integrity? How do I deal with my feelings of betrayal? Why does it seem like my own inner guidance got me into this, and now, how can it possibly be trusted to get me out?
How can I attract the relationships that I want not only in my personal life, but at work, my creative process, my business?

To begin the intuitive process of answering these questions, and many others that you may have regarding your relationships, we must begin with a truer understanding about how others are actually brought into your life in the first place.

Your Archetypes determine who and what are magnetically drawn into your Life, not the power of your thoughts.

This is what we will start exploring in Archetypes & Relationship Magnetics Part I

A Mind Movie & Thriving Relationships

On the October 2021 call we covered the following:

  1. A Mind Movie – a powerful tool rooted in neuroscience that combines deep body relaxation and hypnosis to program your mind for your chosen future – I am happy to help you create your custom mind movie with your specific goals – reach out to albina@albinarippy.com
  2. The secrets to a thriving, love-and-passion filled intimate relationship

Tapping Into A New Potential Practice

The neuroscience and the physics behind manifestation and another tool for manifesting.  Enjoy!

Primary Question: The Primary Pattern That Shapes Your Life

Every single one of us has a primary question. A single question that we ask more than any other question. This is the thing that obsesses you, the thing that controls how you think, the thing that controls your life.

Your primary question controls your focus and your focus determines your direction and the quality of your life.

Once you know what your old primary question is, you’ll see what challenges are in it, and you can form a new question.

Unpacking Your Inherited Legacy & Clearing A Timeline

1. Explore your inherited legacy on both sides of your family (father and mother) and answer this question: what part of my inherited legacy do I choose to keep and what part do I choose to release?  Go deeper: explore your unexamined beliefs you inherited from your parents around money, marriage, who you are.
2. Clear a timeline, aka the anchor that holds you in the past preventing you from moving quickly and effortlessly towards the future you choose.  Follow THESE INSTRUCTIONS.

Working With Your Sacred Contracts & Archetypes

Sacred Contracts & Archetypes recording is below.  Working with your Contracts and understanding your archetypes, your connections to the cosmic forces directing your life, will help you consciously affect the course of your life aka manifest and shape your destiny.
Your homework:
1. spend some time reflecting on the past events and people in your life through the lens of your sacred contracts.  Journal on it.  Can you see the divine guidance in all that took place?  What was your learning opportunity?  Did you grow and evolve as a result?  What was your obligation under that Sacred Contract?  What was the other person’s/event’s obligation? How was intended to contribute to your growth and evolution?
2. do the practical exercise of awakening and connecting to your Warrior, Magician, Lover and King/Queen in the call recording a few more times to gain clarity on a challenging situation or direction in life.

Money, Abundance & Prosperity

The Homework this month is very practical and these tools will certainly help you step into the flow of abundance and prosperity:

  1. Please do “What’s Money” Exercise on your own.  Do not overthink it.  Write down whatever thoughts pop up in your head first.
  2. Write down prosperity statement 10 times by hand.  It’s on page 2 of this document.
  3. Declutter your life.  Start by organizing your wallet/purse, closet, delete pictures/contacts/apps from your phone, unfollow people on FB and IG, clean your junk drawer, organize your garage, etc.
  4. Practice Forgiveness Meditation daily.
  5. Write a letter of gratitude and recognition to a person who you think have hurt you.  You do not need to send it out.  You write it for your own benefit, to clear out any resentment and grudge you have been holding on to and to step into the flow of abundance.
  6. For a deeper dive into this topic, please consider committing to the 5-Day Abundance Challenge.

The Creative Power of The Masculine & The Feminine

Now that you learned about the creative power of the feminine and the masculine, reflect on the following questions:

1. In your relationship (or your past relationships) how did you experience polarity and the lack of polarity?

2. Now that you understand the power of polarity, how can you juice up polarity in your relationship/could have juiced up polarity in past relationships?

3. In life, where do you tend to lean more – idea or action, the feminine or the masculine? How can you embody both energies better to manifest your dream life?


  1. Ask yourself “What season am I in in my life (my relationship, my health, my career/business) and what season is yet to come?
  2. What seeds is it time for me to plant now?  What action steps do I need to take to plant those seeds?
  3. Practice Terms Meditation daily (below)


  1. Notice when & where in your life you are in lack, resistance and fear. Make a new choice.
  2. Start recognizing abundance and effortless ease everywhere in nature.  Once you see it, you can feel abundant.  Once you feel abundant, you magnetize abundance.
  3. Every day do at least one thing that brings you joy.
  1. Create a vision of your chosen future.  You can go back to the recording of the vision meditation.  Trust that with practice, your vision becomes more clear.
  2. Set goals: stuff-n-things, experiences and contribution.  Decide the time frame for your goals (1 yr, 3, 5 and 10 yr goals).
  3. Record a voice memo of your chosen future and meditate to it daily envisioning your dream life as though it is happening right now.
  4. Take massive action every day that brings you closer to your chosen future.
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