Step Into Abundance On-line Retreat
  1. 30-Min of Easy Yoga

  2. My story – from a small village with no running water or electricity in Kazakhstan to a thriving serial entrepreneur in the USA.

  3. How your familiar past creates your predictable future.

  4. Newtonian physics governs the world of matter (0.0000001% of reality) and quantum physics governs the world of energy (99.99999% of reality). Energy creates matter. Learn the energy laws and you will become a master of your destiny.

  5. How does an abundant person think, feel and act (and how does s/he not think, feel and act)?

  6. Abundance Meditation (content is protected by Dr Joe Dispenza – please purchase your own access $25 HERE)

  1. 40-Min of Easy Yoga: turn off your analytical mind and tap into feeling

  2. Interdependent Co-arising: as viewed, so it appears or YOU are a creator.

  3. Clear Blocks To Your Abundance:

    • Lack of deserving

    • There is not enough

    • Negative money mindset

    • Clutter, chaos and drama

    • Fear of loss

    • Resentment

    • Focus on what’s missing

    • “Get” mindset

  4. Abundance Meditation.

  1. 40-Min of Easy Yoga: relax your neck and connect the brilliance of your brain with the wisdom of your heart.  This expands the energy field around your body – more energy, less matter leads to greater powers to create.

  2. The world of energy works on different laws than the world of matter.  Everything is a vibration.  How to become a vibrational match to your desires.

  3. Thoughts are the language of the brain and the feelings are the language of the body.  How you feel and how you think creates your state of being.

  4. Clear Intention + Elevated Emotion = Creation.

  5. Tuning Into New Potentials Meditation (purchase from Dr Joe Dispenza $25 HERE)

Abundance is always all around us.  To let abundance flow into our life, we need to first recognize abundance in all forms and shapes that already exists right here and now.

In the 5-Day Abundance challenge you will step into the flow of creativity, love, appreciation, money and wealth with the help of meditation and journaling.

Access daily meditations, personal growth exercises and self-reflection to shift your energetic vibration to attract true prosperity in all areas of your life.

  • How does abundance feel like?

  • How does freedom feel like?

  • The Universe will give you only what you think you are worthy of receiving.  If I felt 100% worthy, how would I feel like?  What would I be worthy of receiving?

  • As an abundant person, how do I no longer want to feel, act and think like?

  • As an abundant person, how do I feel, act and think like?

Albina Rippy is a serial entrepreneur, success coach, inspirational speaker, hotelier and world traveler.

After a decade of starting and growing her businesses into the thriving communities of yoga, healthy, holistic lifestyle, personal growth and transformation, Albina Rippy sold all of her worldly possessions to travel and explore the world together with her husband, two daughters and fluffy dog, Dante.

Albina Rippy adds massive value by contributing to the well-being and happiness of people around the world through her success and business coaching.

A native of Kazakhstan, after graduating as high school valedictorian at age 16, Albina Rippy came alone to the US to attend a university.  She graduated from the University of Houston double-majoring in Accounting and Finance.  After a few years in public accounting as a CPA, she started her first business, YogaOne Studios, together with her husband, Roger.  Roger and Albina grew YogaOne to a thriving community of 7 yoga studios, which was later acquired by YogaWorks Inc.

Blue Sky Retreat Center in Taos, NM, One Love Juice Bar in Houston, Tx and mat2mat on-line yoga platform are a few of Albina’s creations.

Today, Albina manifests magic and generates community by coaching yoga studio owners on creating thriving businesses, and helping people live a happy, healthy and inspired life.

When not traveling the world, Albina resides in Austin, TX.

“Let me help you by coaching and mentoring you in what has worked for me to create a life beyond my wildest dreams. My greatest privilege is helping you to create yours.”

Love and magic,


“Each time I attend one of your retreats, something magical happens.  My heart opens, my intuition is heightened, my body comes alive, my spirit is fed.

I appreciate that you guided me to greater clarity and possibilities in my life.  The meditations to align clear intention with elevated emotion allowed me to shift my future into this very moment.  I have a clear vision on how my life will unfold and what my life looks and feels starting this very moment.

Thank you for sharing your intuition and practices to accelerate for our personal self-discovery and self-awareness.  Your gift of inquiry led us to identify where we are each stuck or blocked so that our lives might flow forward freely.   Your retreat provided a sacred space to grow, learn and manifest together.  Together our energy was magnified and provided greater benefit to every person in the room.” – Elisa M.

“I have been to 3 retreats with Albina so far (Italy, Taos and Austin) and I am so thankful I did. Albina creates such a loving and supportive environment at all her retreats and is also incredibly intuitive.

She senses when certain individuals may be struggling and she gives them the necessary attention and encouragement to make sure they achieve what they came there to achieve and more. I’ve witnessed this both in my own case and others’.

At all of Albina’s retreats across the board you can be assured of 3 things: great food, incredible people, and an experience that results in limitless possibilities for weeks, months, and years to come.” – Nammy Sirur, Entrepreneur

“I don’t usually treat myself to retreats, but my daughter wanted to go to Albina’s #ManifestThatShit retreat and it seemed like a good mother/daughter weekend. 

Wow!  It was so much more!  Really special characteristics of Albina’s retreat included how she creates such a safe atmosphere for everyone whether experienced or beginners and how she willingly shared so much of her own experience in this case with manifestation. 

We could have spent literally hundreds of hours to glean what Albina shared with us.  I met so many fabulous yogis and although much older than those present felt welcomed by all.” – Ginger V. 

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