with Albina Rippy

create a life beyond your wildest dreams

build a thriving business and financial freedom for you and your family

add massive value to others through your own unique gifts, talents and life experiences

step into the flow of abundance and effortless ease

enjoy love and passion-filled thriving intimate relationship

claim your birthright to have it all: health, wealth, love, joy, abundance, freedom and money

Learn the science and the art of manifesting your dreams into your reality, teach others how to create their dream life and get paid abundantly for your outstanding work.  Become a Manifest Coach is valued at $499

Master the power to manifest whatever you need, the power to orchestrate time and the power of quantum healing and endless energy.  Unlocking your quantum powers is a deep dive into manifesting.  This course is valued at $199


A lifetime of soulmate love is a delicious soup of chemistry, communication, compatibility, connection, vulnerability, and the choices we make.

My husband and I will share with you the secrets to creating and cultivating thriving love-and-passion-filled intimate relationship.  It’s a recipe you can follow to master The Art of Love. The Art of Love is valued at $199

Most people think it’s too hard and complicated to create an on-line course.  I teach you how simple it is to create, automate and sell digital courses so you can build your online business and make money in your sleep.  Digital Dynamite Course is valued at $299

  • Learn Four Stages of Spiritual Development & how it is relevant to your manifesting powers

  • The Power of I AM: everything after I AM Creates

  • Discover Ho’Oponopono as a Manifesting Tool

  • Experience A Miracle Integration

  • The success of ANY business depends on only 2 things: innovation and marketing. Your innovation is your unique personal coaching strategy.

  • Call in your soulmate clients

  • Learn all about the energy of money and how to clear your abundance blocks.

  • Rip out limiting beliefs and integrate a new powerful way of thinking through Byron Katie’s 3 Questions from “The Work”

  • The fundamental principles of coaching when you are working with your clients (navigate with your inner hearing, your power come from wholeness, 99%=0, etc.)

  • Above the Line & Below the Line

  • Happy Fave vs Unhappy Face God and how all of this applies to manifesting and working with others

  • Integrate your 4 Archetypes: The Warrior, The Magician, The Love and The Sovereign in you.

  • Vision Meditation, where you get to see a snapshot of your chosen future.

  • Create your own goals in 3 major areas of your life: your health, your relationships and your money/vocation.

  • Create your declaration, a uniquely your statement that serves as a bridge between your present life and your chosen future. Once you create your declaration, you step into your chosen future with effortless ease.

We all have the ability to co-create with The Universe/The Quantum Field/The Divine.  Unlock your quantum powers and hone your manifesting  skills:

  • The Power To Manifest Whatever You Want

  • The Power To Orchestrate Time

  • The Power of Quantum Healing and Endless Energy

  • Learn the differences between the male and the female brain and how these differences influence our communication and behavior.

  • Gain full understanding of what men really want and what women want, so you can truly meet each other’s needs.

  • Find out your and your partner’s love language, so you can communicate your needs and desires in the way that will help you be heard.

  • Discover the secrets to a thriving intimate relationship and create the love you yearn for.

Digital Dynamite: Create & Sell On-Line Courses With Effortless Ease

CREATE: discover what you are great at and what your on-line course will be about

AUTOMATE: learn how to set up a sales page and 100% automation from the purchase to course delivery via email, so, once your course is created and automated, you can make money in your sleep

LAUNCH: learn my strategy and execution plan of my launches.  Learn selling from your soul as an act of service.  Call in your ideal client.

“It’s hard to put words around Albina and her coaching programs, but EXTRAORDINARY comes to mind.  Not only is she incredibly knowledgeable about the data she shares…but what is more powerful are the results she’s created in her own life.  I’ve used her tools to create a business that SURPASSED my financial goals within one week of launching, and to move to a new city with effortless ease.  SHE IS THE REAL DEAL. She walks the walk and talks the talk.  I’ve worked with coaches for 2 decades, and there is no one better than Albina.  Run, don’t walk to sign up for her next course!”

– Anna K.

“This program has changed my life! Throughout this first part of the program, I have started teaching at a new studio, created my dream job, got the job and start in 2 weeks!!  I have manifested a huge increase in income for myself and started upleveling how I show up in every single situation.

Not only through monetary gains, I had a major breakthrough in a challenging relationship with my sister and now see the possibility of future relationship building! The training WORKS! I am so excited to learn more and am so thankful for this opportunity to grow. These tools are priceless! I recommend anyone wanting to level up in their personal and business life take Albina’s courses.” – Megan F.

“There is something special about the feeling inside when you know someone is supportive of your efforts and has your back. Albina is one of those special people who are willing to help. Many people saying they can help you with your business – and I want to share that Albina Rippy is the real deal. She offers help and expertise and strategies that work. Her offerings come from the heart and I am grateful for her help, advice and offerings.  Albina is responsive and offers things that empower. Her programs helped me clear blocks I have around money  and within two days I had a new client and people were reaching out who were willing to pay me for my work.  I highly recommend Albina Rippy.” – Monica W.

Albina Rippy is a serial entrepreneur, success coach, inspirational speaker, hotelier and currently a world traveler.
After a decade of starting and growing her businesses into thriving communities of yoga, healthy, holistic lifestyle, personal growth and transformation, she sold all of her worldly possessions to travel and explore the world together with her husband and daughters and fluffy dog, Dante.
Albina adds massive value by contributing to the success and happiness of people around the world through her success and business coaching.
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