So, you have identified with 100% clarity what it is that you truly want.  You have cleared out all sorts of glitching that blocked your abundance flow: you have forgiven yourself and others, you have let go, you feel clear and ready to receive all that, you know deep in your heart, is coming your way 

… and nothing is happening.

You are not experiencing your desires becoming your reality.

And it has been a while.

Now what?

I am here to remind you about the last and the most powerful step in Manifesting: trust and surrender.

Give it all into the hands of God.  Surrender your heartfelt desires and trust that all will be better than you could ever imagine.

We all have moments in our life when an issue seems unresolvable. Perhaps, it’s something that is causing us a tremendous amount of stress and worry. We try to control and manipulate the outcome. Maybe it’s something that we desperately want and we are anxious to have it now.

In those moments, I find it helpful to surrender that thing into the hands of the Divine. It helps to remind myself that God’s plan for my life is so much better than anything I could possibly dream of. I step back and let the Universe lead me.

Here is a short meditation that helps me in that process. I know it will bring you peace, surrender, trust and unshakable faith.

Ask and you shall receive. Ask for a sign from the Universe and she will always guide you to the places beyond your wildest dreams.

Say a prayer, ask for for an omen and wait for the Universe to respond.

You can name your omen or stay open to recognize it when it shows up.

And even if it doesn’t, it is also a sign. Have fun with it!!

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Brahma Vihara Meditation

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