with Albina Rippy

Are you constantly worried about money or future finances?

Are you ready for a truly abundant life?

Do you ever feel like you keep hitting a ceiling with your wealth … and you can’t break through, no matter what you try?

If you’re not thriving financially, or you are not where you want to be in terms of money, it’s most likely because you have hidden abundance blocks that are pressing down on the brakes… making it difficult (if not impossible) to create the results you want.

I have been fascinated with studying and applying the universal laws of abundance to achieve greater levels of success, wealth, prosperity and time freedom in my own life.  And I am happy to report that I have made some quantum leaps towards the life I love and financial freedom I desire.

I learned that abundance has nothing to do with our current circumstances in life, and everything to do with our ability to overcome our hidden abundance blocks.

Abundance blocks are learned beliefs, feelings and energetic vibrations that lie deep within our subconscious mind. Unless we clear them, the abundant life we want will always elude us.

I invite you to Manifest Marathon: Money, my digital course that will help you with the following:

  • Identify and overcome any internal blocks to your abundance

  • Reprogram your subconscious mind to welcome greater flow of opportunities

  • Learn the art of manifesting your desires and creating a magnetic force that will bring your everything you need to succeed

Slay Bae

Module 1: You Shape Your Own Reality

◦ Money is Energy
◦ Your Money Mindset Shapes Your Money Reality
◦ The Wheel of Life
◦ Emotional Scale. Your Desires Are Divine

Module 2: Clearing Abundance Blocks

◦ Negative Money Mindset
◦ Lack of Deserving
◦ Clutter, Chaos and Drama
◦ Grudges, Resentment and Blame
◦ Fear of Loss
◦ Focus on What’s Missing
◦ The “Get” Mindset

Module 3: The Power of Decision

◦ Vision Meditation
◦ The Omens, or How The Universe Talks to You
◦ Speak Blessing Into Your Future

Module 4: Step Into The Flow – Forgive & Let Go

◦ Your Sacred Friends Hold the Key to Your Abundance
◦ Loving Kindness Meditation
◦ Authentic Generosity

Module 5: Gratitude is the Vibration of Anundance

◦ Gratitude Meditation

Albina Rippy is a serial entrepreneur, success coach, inspirational speaker, hotelier and a world traveler.

After a decade of starting and growing her businesses into thriving communities of yoga, healthy, holistic lifestyle, personal growth and transformation, she sold all of her worldly possessions to travel and explore the world together with her husband and daughters and fluffy dog, Dante.

Albina adds massive value by contributing to the success and happiness of people around the world through her success and business coaching.

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