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My Story: Living My American Dream

Albina Rippy is a serial entrepreneur, success coach, inspirational speaker, hotelier and a world traveler.
After a decade of starting and growing her businesses into thriving communities of yoga, healthy, holistic lifestyle, personal growth and transformation, she sold all of her worldly possessions to travel and explore the world together with her husband and daughters and fluffy dog, Dante.
Albina adds massive value by contributing to the success and happiness of people around the world through her success and business coaching.

“It’s hard to put words around Albina and her coaching programs, but EXTRAORDINARY comes to mind.  Not only is she incredibly knowledgeable about the data she shares…but what is more powerful are the results she’s created in her own life.  I’ve used her tools to create a business that SURPASSED my financial goals within one week of launching, and to move to a new city with effortless ease.  SHE IS THE REAL DEAL. She walks the walk and talks the talk.  I’ve worked with coaches for 2 decades, and there is no one better than Albina.  Run, don’t walk to sign up for her next course!”

– Anna K.

“This program has changed my life! Throughout this first part of the program, I have started teaching at a new studio, created my dream job, got the job and start in 2 weeks!!  I have manifested a huge increase in income for myself and started upleveling how I show up in every single situation.

Not only through monetary gains, I had a major breakthrough in a challenging relationship with my sister and now see the possibility of future relationship building! The training WORKS! I am so excited to learn more and am so thankful for this opportunity to grow. These tools are priceless! I recommend anyone wanting to level up in their personal and business life take Albina’s courses.” – Megan F.

Mara Marcu

“Albina has a remarkable aptitude to truly listen and give tools based on what is. She has the gift of an astonishing intuition. That can only come with dedicated and sustained self-work. She is a true influencer who puts in the necessary effort to whole-heartedly deliver her message of empowerment to others.

She brings a clear voice to her coaching sessions.  She makes things accessible. Absorbing new knowledge from her seems effortless, as she makes everything fun and joyful. Her Manifest coaching classes are just hands down magical. If you’re looking for the next thing in your personal development, this is it!

Years of training and self-growth are synthesized with lucidity in one pure and easy to distill training”

– Mara Marcu

how to open a yoga studio

“I sought Albina Rippy’s help because she is a visionary in the yoga industry.  With her extensive experience owning yoga 7 studios, she knew the industry, the market and the clientele I was seeking. A few months after I opened my studio, I realized quite quickly there was no one better to help make my studio a success than Albina.

With her brilliance, she helped me make my studio profitable within the first month of her coaching me. I would have never known the market needs, goals, and KPI’s to target without her expertise! Mrs. Rippy is worth every dollar, she knows the business and means business. I am forever grateful for her taking on me as a success student. We started with 20 members and have grown to +120 in the first 5 months! Thank you Albina, YOU ROCK!  Thank you for your yoga business coaching”

-Christine G.

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