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Rockstar Retreats

Do you dream of traveling the world, seeing beautiful places and getting paid for it?

Do you love contributing to the joy and well-being of others?

Do you wish to share your unique gifts and talents with the world?


say YES and lead RETREATS in all the beautiful places around the world!

I’ve been leading yoga, meditation, personal growth, volunteer and couples retreats all over the world for 12+ years now.  With my background of owning 7 yoga studios in TX, a beautiful retreat center in Taos, NM and now success and business coaching, I am here to help you make your dreams your reality.


How to envision, plan, organize and sell out hugely successful retreats.


How to create an agenda for an awesome, fun-and-transformation-filled retreats.


How to create community and connection at your retreats.


How to make sense of numbers (deposits, taxes, expenses, ads, etc.), so that you get paid abundantly for your outstanding work.


How to set up a beautiful sales page, collect payments and create auto-responders, so that your retreat enrollment is a piece of cake.


How to market and promote your retreats as an offering from your heart that sells out 100% 


How to negotiate what you want with retreat centers around the world… and all the legal advice from my husband, Roger Rippy, an attorney at law.


And all the other stuff that you don’t yet know you need to know.

Whether you lead an artists retreat, a cooking, creative writing, yoga and meditation, Seva or any other retreat, you must learn all that I am sharing with your in the Rockstar Retreat course.

Meet Chef Marina, my amazing mother, who happens to be incredible in delicious homecoming.  Marina had a hugely successful career as a pharmaceutical mogul, a PhD and a power house of a business woman.  These days Marina enjoys her retirement and occasionally shares her passion for cooking at retreats.

Marina may be available to cook for your retreat.  For inquiries, please email albina@albinarippy.com

See Marina’s culinary creations on Blue Sky Retreat Center IG page HERE

I am a serial entrepreneur with 12 businesses as well as public accounting and a major airline work experience.  I understand the numbers and I know how to make the numbers work for your advantage.  I have started my 1st business as a small, one-room yoga studio and I have grown it to a thriving community of 7 yoga studios, an all organic juice bar, a beautiful retreat center in Taos, NM and now success coaching for people who want to live a life beyond their wildest dreams.  I’ve sold my businesses and I have traveled the world with my husband and kids.  I’ve led numerous retreats all over the US, Mexico, Greece and Italy.  As an owner of Blue Sky Retreat Center at the historic San Geronimo Lodge in Taos, NM, I host 50+ retreats a year helping retreat leaders create unforgettable experiences.

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