Module I:
You Shape Your Own Reality

Lesson 1: Money is Energy.

Become a vibrational match for the energy of abundance, prosperity and wealth and money will come into your life with ease, synchronicity and speed.

Lesson 2: Your Money Mindset Shapes Your Money Reality.

I invite you to examine your money story, your beliefs and feelings about money because your beliefs attract or reject money in your life.


Journal for 5-10 minutes on this question: What is my money story?

Lesson 3: Whole Wealth and The Wheel Of Life.

You can live the life you love in all areas of your life: health, time and financial freedom, relationships and your vocation.


What is your wheel of life?  Rate your current results on the scale from 0 to 10 in these areas of your life.

The Wheel of Life

Lesson 4: Your Desires Are Divine.

Your right to be rich.  You desire for more (more love, more money, success, contribution, etc.) is the Spirit’s yearning to express itself.


Journal: What does your dream life look and feel like?  What is total financial freedom for you?

Lesson 5: Notice What You Are Noticing.  Emotional Scale.

Your thoughts create emotions.  Your emotions have a vibrational frequency.  To create the life you love, your base emotional frequency needs to be at 500 level, aka the level of love.

You can say no to a thought.  You can choose a new thought.

To become aware of your thoughts, take a deep breath and notice what you are noticing.  When you catch yourself in the low level emotion/feeling (physically it feels like a contraction – tightness in chest, shoulders, jaw, shortness of breath, heaviness in belly, etc.), take a deep breath and choose a new thought.  Chose an expansive thought/feeling.  Choose love.

Emotional Scale

Yes! Inspire, empower and support me in living my best life ever.

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