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I am always super lit up to share with you the latest and the greatest of what I find inspirational and uplifting.

Below you will find 3 Meditations that totally rocked my word in the last few months or so:

  1. Self-Sabotage Part Meditation will help you identify what has been stopping you from quantum to that next level of wealth, joy and happiness.  Once you do, expect a miracle.
  2. Surrender Meditation: when you let go and let God, you are taken places beyond your wildest dreams.  This meditation will help you let go of control, so that the Universe/God can step up and lead the way.
  3. Ask For Guidance Meditation: a quick way to tune into the vibration of creation and divine guidance.


life coach albina rippy
success coaching client cathleen deferrer

“On an immediate and daily basis since my coaching sessions with Albina, I’m keenly more aware, therefore more joyful and more peaceful about my power and purpose.

Albina’s patient, kind and personalized guidance helped me laser-focus on my specific goals and motivations, while celebrating and understanding my past and present.  Some of what I love about Albina’s coaching is the positivity and confidence she instills in my own physiological intelligence. Albina is a true coach and guide.  The sessions are work, and Albina makes it worthwhile, rewarding and exciting. I trust Albina because she walks the talk, sharing wisdom gained from her own diverse and ongoing life experiences.

Albina works with my individual lifestyle regarding scheduling, flexibility and communication. She’s thorough, organized and relates to me personally.I trust Albina with, and highly recommend Albina’s coaching to, my busiest, most discerning and most loved family, friends and colleagues”.

– Cathleen D.

“Albina is such a positive and caring person. Just being around her will bring you joy. She makes you feel great about yourself, and offers excellent advice about how to achieve your goals”.

-Jennifer F.

“I attended a yoga retreat with the Rippys last April in Tulum and it was a truly magical experience. The setting was divine with the sound of ocean waves lulling me to sleep every night. I just went for a little surf, sun, and yoga, but I left with so much more than that.

Roger and Albina are masterful yoga teachers who cater to beginners while still keeping the most advance yogi challenged. I think their most impressive skill is how they took a group of strangers and made us a community of friends having an experience together. I was able to let go of the ties to my fast paced modern life and truly reconnect to my mind, body, and spirit. Best of all I was able to fully connect to other human beings as well. Not only did I leave feeling refreshed, but I left with lessons on how I want to continue to live my life each and every day.”

-Cathleen Q.

“Albina is a great life coach! She is incredibly intuitive and insightful.  She helped bring to light unconscious  patterns of behaviour and self limiting beliefs that I couldn’t see.  I can honestly say, I am a much happier person than I was before I started working with Albina. I have a smile on my face every day.   I am living where I want to live and doing what I want to do!  My chosen future is becoming my reality. With her insight and intuition she helped me attain a new level of clarity, happiness and success.”

-David B.

Yes! Inspire, empower and support me in living my best life ever.

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