April 23-26, 2020
Clearing Blocks to Manifesting Retreat w/ Frank & Albina

$899 Single Occupancy

$799 Double Occupancy/per person

$699 Triple Occupancy/per person

Have you been intrigued with manifesting for a long time?

Have you attempted to manifest your desires into your reality, but have not had results?

Are you curious about the art of manifesting and what it takes to engage the Law of Attraction in your love, career, finances and life in general?

Just like anything else in life, to succeed in creating the life you love, you must have both the knowledge and the practice.  

There is a science to manifesting, as well as the fine art.

The reason why manifesting has not worked for you so far may lie within you and you have been completely unaware of your own blocks to manifesting.

Creating the life we love in the area of our personal relationships, money and health requires us to step into the flow of energy where we become a vibrational match for all the health, wealth and love we desire.  

Most of the time, that energetic flow of abundance is blocked by our unresolved emotions like anger, resentment, grudge, pain, blame, etc.  Once we fully feel these uncomfortable emotions, we get to clear them and let go and that is when we fully step into creation of all that our heart is yearning for.

That’s when joy comes rushing in, love, health, money flood into our life with great speed and abundance.

Let us show you the path.

My dear friend, Frank Zendejas and I are thrilled to invite you to Clearing Blocks To Manifesting Retreat in the enchanted beauty of Taos, New Mexico.

Frank will guide you through unearthing, understanding, and powerfully facing the obstacles that have kept you from living the life you’ve desired.  The experience is one of acknowledgement and saying “Good-bye” with honor, ownership, and healing intentionality to the obstacles. It’s in the saying of “Good-Bye” that releases you to fully open and step through the doors to your hopes, dreams, and expectations… your life desires! 

Albina will lead you through your soul-searching journey to help you identify with absolute clarity what it is that you desire.  Once you are 100% clear on what your vision and goals are and once all the blocks to manifesting are clear, you get to create the life you love with ease, great speed and so much grace.

We will nourish our bodies and souls with yoga, meditation, Nia dancing, laughter, deep connection, delicious homemade food.  Expect a miracle.

When: April 23-26, 2020.

Where: Blue Sky Retreat at the historic San Geronimo Lodge in Taos, NM 1101 Witt Rd 87571


Single Occupancy: $899

Double Occupancy: $799 per person

Triple Occupancy: $699 per person

Includes: lodging, meals (please plan 2 meal out), yoga + meditation, via dance and coaching with Frank and Albina

Not included: transport to Blue Sky in Taos, sweat lodge ceremony, meals out

Yes! Inspire, empower and support me in living my best life ever.

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