with Robert Boustany

The progressive development of high-level skills to achieve the highest goals of yoga is a commitment to a Great adventure, and the chance to understand and begin to experience energetically what is rarely achieved.

This is a well-defined outline of Essentials rich in content from Yoga, Chinese Internal Arts, up-to-date Fascia therapeutics and understanding, Precise reasons for alignment and sequence elements and much more.

Collectively these insights and methods will ease your quest to progress toward higher and advanced yoga.Advancement in yoga achieved with a system of consistent well-defined practices,

refinement of lifestyle, and continual self-reflection leading to transformation and realization.

Development of postures with precise alignment reveals how to clear the system; prepares one for the systematic release embedded stress while freeing energies, sharpening focus and creating mental and emotional stability so as to withstand the huge energetic and emotional releases, transformational surges, and life changing perspectives that will come inevitably from growth.

A firm knowledge of the specifics of structural anatomy, including all the piezoelectric structures of bone and fascia/muscular trains with the inherent effects of acupuncture meridians, biochemistry, and electromagnetic fields as well as the more subtle structures of Nadis and Chakras must be linked and integrated into a process that is systematically cross correlated apparent nonlinear content

into an experiential union of comprehensible gifts that the practices give.
If you have not walked the path before, you might miss the exquisite details and the complex and unexpected refinements required to develop successfully.

This course is a mandatory curriculum (15 hrs) under Rippy Yoga 300-Hr Advanced Yoga Teacher Training.

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Robert Boustany is a physicist that has been teaching yoga for 50 years. He is the owner of Pralaya Yoga Studio and the Pralaya Yoga creator. Robert is Yoga Alliance E-RYT-500, IAYT certified, and is known for a detailed understanding of the anatomy and physiology of yoga poses, and often gives energetic, and therapeutic reasons for alignment, sequencing and focus.  The collective insights from his training has resulted in the presentation of Pralaya Yoga as a summary his lifelong explorations.

Robert’s current studies are with his holiness Swami Vidyadhishananda Giri
and the Hansavedas Self Enquiry Life Fellowship. In 2014 Robert was initiated into
the Kriya Vinyasa yoga system which is focused on developing yogis in the Himalayan tradition.

His background is primarily Ashtanga, Iyengar, and Sivananda yogas. Though he has studied extensively many esoteric forms of yoga, qigong and the Tibetan and Taoist systems, Polarity therapy, Pranic Healing of Master Choa, are among some of the systems of study.

He has extensive understanding of therapeutics and self care, and has trained yoga instructors since the early 1970’s.  His philosophic perspective is based on classical Sanskrit documents, oral tradition transfer in the yoga of the high Himalayans, Tibetan and Taoist empowerments, complimented by physics, detailed observation and understanding perception and language.

​His philosophic perspective arose from Advaita Vedanta based on physics, detailed observation and understanding perception and language.

Robert Boustany

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