OCTOBER 1-15, 2019


Pmt plan $199 x 3 months

VIP: online course PLUS 4 individual coaching sessions with Albina $999 if paid in full

VIP: online course PLUS 4 individual coaching sessions with Albina

Pmt Plan $325 x 4 months

Are you thinking about opening a yoga studio?

Do you dream of having a career filled with purpose and passion doing what you love…?

But you aren’t sure how?

And you don’t know who to ask?

And you are afraid you might fail?

I am here to help YOU!

I’ve opened yoga studios.

SEVEN of them, in fact.

Successful ones.

I started with a one room yoga studio and within 9 years had grown to 7 two-room studios with over 3500 members and seven figure income.

Almost nobody does that.

I have.

I know what questions you should be asking.

I know how to find the right location and how to negotiate a lease at the right price.

I know how to find the right teachers and keep them motivated to help you grow.

I know how to build a brand.

I know how to share a vision and inspire others to join you.

I know about numbers (I’m a CPA) and how to make a business plan.

I know about scheduling and pricing strategies.

I know what mistakes most new yoga studio owners make.

I know about marketing and building a community.

I know how to balance spirituality and making an honest profit.

I know how to stand out in a crowded market full of yoga studios to create something unique that students will want to talk about and bring their friends to.

 I know exactly how to open and grow a hugely successful yoga studio.

When you work with me, I will teach you all the things I WISH I would have known when I was considering opening a yoga studio.

I want you to open a yoga studio and I want you to KILL IT and not be killed BY IT!

I want you to get a head start on most yoga studios.

If you are thinking of opening a yoga studio, I am going to walk you through the decision points and add massive value to you in this process so that you skip all of the common mistakes and come right out of the gates making great decisions and building the studio of your dreams.

By the end of this course, you will

-know the key information (and answer the key questions) that any prospective yoga studio owner should consider when deciding on opening a studio so that you can make an intelligent, informed decision.

-learn key strategies for building a loyal client base who will pay you and keep your studio growing.

-understand and learn to avoid the most common mistakes that new yoga studio owners make.

-learn tips for hiring and training a team that will be your biggest advocates and asset.

-learn how to understand your numbers and how to know what is and is not working in your strategies based on key performance indicators.

-learn how to make great schedule that will entice prospective students to join your yoga community.

-learn pricing strategy DOs and DON’Ts to create a reliable funnel of clients.

-have an arsenal of great marketing ideas and programs to create for your team and community.

-learn leasing and build out strategies to get the best lease possible and build/design the right kind of studio for you.

-understand entity formation and select the right entity for your business (my husband is an attorney and he will lead this portion)

-Understand labor and employment law, taxation and insurance as it applies to the yoga business generally.

-Know exactly how to open a thriving yoga studio

Most yoga studio owners have to figure all of this stuff out on your own through TRIAL AND ERROR WITHOUT ANY HELP.

Most yoga studio owners, actually never figure all of this out and that’s why many yoga studios fail.

BUT NOT YOU, because I am going to teach you what it took me 10 years to learn, and you will know it from the very beginning.




I am here to help!

Learn more about Albina Rippy HERE

3 Live Calls with Albina Rippy:

Call 1: October 1 10AM CST

Call 2: October 8 10AM CST

Call 3: October 15 10AM CST

All calls will be recorded and can be accessed forever.

Bonus 1: Everything-Legal with Roger Rippy, attorney at law

Bonus 2: Vision & Goals with Albina Rippy

Bonus 3: Internal State of a Successful Entrepreneur with Albina Rippy

I will teach you how to open and grow a hugely successful and thriving yoga studio


Pmt plan $199 x 3 months

VIP: online course PLUS 4 individual coaching sessions with Albina $999 if paid in full

VIP: online course PLUS 4 individual coaching sessions with Albina

Pmt Plan $325 x 4 months

how to open a yoga studio

“I sought Albina Rippy’s help because she is a visionary in the yoga industry.  With her extensive experience owning yoga 7 studios, she knew the industry, the market and the clientele I was seeking. A few months after I opened my studio, I realized quite quickly there was no one better to help make my studio a success than Albina.

With her brilliance, she helped me make my studio profitable within the first month of her coaching me. I would have never known the market needs, goals, and KPI’s to target without her expertise! Mrs. Rippy is worth every dollar, she knows the business and means business. I am forever grateful for her taking on me as a success student. We started with 20 members and have grown to +120 in the first 5 months! Thank you Albina, YOU ROCK!”

-Christine G.

“I started working with Albina in hopes to get some fresh ideas on how to bring in new clients and create a bigger community of athletes working towards similar goals. Albina helped me create a challenge to bring in more clients and build up our community before summer started. She gave me a game plan and helped execute on the timelines. As a studio owner, always in charge, it was nice to have direction from someone else who has been through what I’m going through in growing a community and who has the experience and expertise to make it happen. I really enjoyed getting a different outlook from her, and she made some really positive changes to our business to drive in new clients.”

-Kalynn E.

business of yoga coach yoga teacher

“Last year my studio was struggling and I truly thought I would have to close my doors. Through Albina’s guidance and advice I was able to pull my studio out of the spiral of decline it was in. She advised me on pricing and dynamic marketing over the Thanksgiving and New Year which even now, as I hit the summer months, will hold me over. She is a no nonsense motivator who will inspire you and direct you to success”.

-Annie C.

Yes! Inspire, empower and support me in living my best life ever.

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