October 22-25, 2020

For the Woman Who Knows Deep In Her Soul...

…that YOU were made for joy and fulfillment,

YOU were made to have it all: a thriving love-filled relationship, a rewarding career, your own, unique dream life with abundant health, wealth, bliss, creativity and soul-nourishing, breath-taking experiences full of beauty and grace.

For the woman, who simply needs to be reminded that…  (Women’s Yoga Retreat)

You are strong.  You are powerful.  You are brilliant.  You are kind, loving, compassionate, patient, capable, creative, disciplined.  You are unstoppable, unshakable, unbreakable.  You are divinely guided and infinitely loved.  You are the source of all creation.

You are more than enough.  You deserve the best.  You are worthy of your dreams.  You are a goddess.  You can have it all.  You can choose what you want.  You can shape your destiny.  You can do whatever you put your mind into.

YOU are the most powerful force in the Universe, because you are the Universe in ecstatic motion.

Now is YOUR time to thrive, to love and to be loved.  Now is YOUR time to have it all: love, confidence, joy, money, the work that you love, and all that you desire.  Having it all is your birthright.

So how do you get there?

I have a vision of a women’s gathering where we let go and relax.  Where we connect with each other and the Divine on a deep soul level.  We laugh, we cry, we sing and dance together.  We inspire and support each other in all the things: relationships, family, body image, food issues, overcoming our self-doubt and limiting beliefs.  We dream and we create our chosen future.  As a community of women, we defy the odds,  We step up.  We shape our destiny.

We eat delicious, nutiritious, home-made food.  We hike.  We yoga.  We sing and we dance.  We sweat lodge. We tap into the truth and the tremendous power deep within us.

We leave feeling empowered, connected, inspired and ready to shape our destiny. We take our lessons and our community with us and the deep, restful sense that everything is ours for the claiming.

This manifest magic and yoga retreat is for the woman who refuses to shrink and play small.  This retreat is for the woman who is ready to step up and shape her destiny.  This retreat is for the woman who is ready to quantum leap to the next level of love, freedom, prosperity, joy and happiness. This retreat is for YOU.

I invite you to the Women’s Magic Manifest & Yoga Retreat in the enchanted beauty of Taos, New Mexico where we get to experience the following:

delicious home-made food prepared by my amazing mother with so much love and care (Whole30 emphasis)

Daily yoga and meditation

Hike in the breath-taking beauty of Kit Carson National Forest

Sweat Lodge Ceremony

Manifest Magic + Vision & Goals Coaching 

Community of amazing women, connection and fun

P.S. Learn more about Albina Rippy here

Early Bird Price ends on July 31:

Single Occupancy $799; double occupancy $699 

Regular price after July 31:

Single Occupancy $899; double occupancy $799

Includes: lodging and meals (please plan on one meal out at your own expense)

Does not include: airfare or transportation to the retreat center

I strongly recommend renting a car or car pooling with another goddess

Retreat Check-In 3-5PM on October 22

Retreat ends at 11AM on October 25

Address: Blue Sky Retreat at historic San Geronimo Lodge

1101 Witt Rd, Taos, NM 87571

Nearest Airports: Santa Fe (1.5 hrs away), ABQ (2.5 hrs away).  Rent a car go get a shuttle to Blue Sky.



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