I Let God Do My Dreaming For Me

I Let God Do My Dreaming For Me

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Because I know that ultimately all of my desires are given to me by the Divinity.  Desire, from Latin, means “of the father,” as in “of the heavenly father.”

In the wee hours of the morning, when I sit in meditation, this is when I get the download.  This is when my visions come to me.  This is when my divine guidance is presented to me.

All I do is say “I let God do my dreaming for me.”

I let God do my dreaming for me.

I let God do my dreaming for me.

And then I sit and listen quietly and patiently.

You see, this simple ritual allows me to trust whole heartedly.  This little prayer helps me surrender.  It helps me to step our of self-judgement and self-doubt.

Once in a while, my ego goes crazy “who do you think you are to dream this big?  Are you out of your mind?”

And then I remember.  I let God do my dreaming for me.  My desires are divine.

People ask me: when did you decide to sell yogaOne, 7 yoga studios that I started and grew like crazy?

My answer is, it came to me in my vision meditation and I simply obeyed.

People ask me: how did you buy your historic hotel in Taos, NM – Blue Sky Retreat at San Geronimo Lodge?

My answer is, it was all Divine Guidance.  I never sought it out.  It pulled me.  It magnetized me, inspire my ego going “Are you nuts?  What are you going to do with a HOTEL?! etc”  I simply obeyed that persistent quiet voice of Divinity.

People ask me: how did you decide to sell and give away all you own to travel the world for a year with your husband and kids?

My answer is, it was a vision that came to me and I followed, trusted and surrendered that divine flow of life.

Do you want to learn how to listen in?  How to open up to access this Divine Guidance, trust, obey and surrender?

This is what I teach in every single retreat I ever lead.  And this is when I get my massive downloads because the super manifest power we get to create together when we gather is so much more powerful than just you doing it alone.

So, join me for the following Manifest Magic Retreats:

Women’s Magic: Manifest and Yoga Retreat for Women in the enchanted beauty of Taos, NM Oct 17-20, 2019 – only 2 spots left, a room share spot and a single occupancy spot.  

Ski + Yoga + Vision + Goals Retreat with Roger and Albina Rippy in the winter wonderland of Taos, NM January 16-20, 2020.  This will be our 6th annual gathering yay!

As for right now, I have a few magical meditation practices that I recorded for you.  Get Instant Access to Shape Your Destiny Meditation Series now.  Enjoy!

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