Have We All Been Trying Way Too Hard?

Have We All Been Trying Way Too Hard?

Have We All Been Trying Way Too Hard? 1500 1000 albinarippy

When we learn to live in harmony with the Universal Laws that govern every area of our lives, our life fills up with abundance, ease and synchronicity.


The Law of Least Effort has been my main focus over the last 2 years or so.  I have been opening up to and welcoming the idea of doing less and receiving more.


You see, everything in nature finds a way to thrive with the least amount of effort possible.  The stream finds the shortest way down to the bottom of the mountain.  The grass doesn’t try to grow, it simply grows.  The fish don’t try to swim, they just swim.


If we are all meant to be happy, healthy and abundant, then why so many of us are struggling and working so hard?  Might it be that we forgot about this basic principle?


In my own life, I have always worked hard.  I took tremendous pride in my high standards, oustanding work and relentless strive for growth.  Don’t get me wrong, my hard work delivered tremendous results.  And the underlying belief has always been that in order to succeed in life, I had to work hard, that nothing just falls on my lap, that in order to have the results, I must have the discipline.


What if I remembered the Law of Least Resistance?  What if I welcomed ease and abundance into my life without having to try so hard, without so much effort?  Perhaps, I had to go through all the challenges and unbelievable amount of work to realize this simple idea that has always been right here under my nose?

My new choice is to relax and let go.  My new choice is to welcome effortless ease, synchronicity and abundance into my life.  Its a conscious choice and an energetic vibration of ease.  It’s opening up to Grace, the unmerited favor of God.


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