You Can Have It All, My Friend!

You Can Have It All, My Friend!

You Can Have It All, My Friend! 1001 920 albinarippy

I used to think that some people were just born lucky.  They are naturally beautiful, smart, and charismatic.  They were born into wealth.  They were born in the right country and had the freedom and access to the opportunities that I could not reach.  Walking down this mental path filled me up with envy and lack.  Comparing myself to others inevitably led to feeling like I was not good enough.  I was not beautiful enough, skinny enough, tall enough, smart, lucky or successful enough.

I obsessed over my looks. I tried every single diet I could think of.  I never felt good in my body.  I did not think I was smart or interesting.  What I could not see then was that my own insecurities prevented me from saying yes to all the opportunities that were right there in front of me.  I never said yes to the dates I wanted to go to because I thought, why would this handsome smart boy be interested in me?  So, I settled for less and, when that inevitably failed, I created a story that all men were self-centered jerks.

I blamed my professors for being too tough or the subject too complex to make up for the fact that I did not step up to make the grades I wanted to.  I blamed the economy and my international student visa status for my inability to find a job after college.

I felt helpless, frustrated and angry a lot.

I dwelled in the victim mentality.  Even though I would never call myself a victim, without realizing it, I was blaming everything and everyone around me for the lack that I experienced in my life.

Sadly, this is where most of us live, right here in this victim mindset.  We incorrectly believe that our outside circumstances dictate our lives.  We blame the economy, our soul-crushing job, the mean boss, all men, all women, our upbringing, and so on for our lack of happiness and wealth.  We often feel like we don’t have a choice.  We box ourselves in to see only one way, when there is a magnitude of possibilities, opportunities and choices right under our noses.

Our feelings of helplessness, frustration and resentment take up so much of our energy.  Our energetic bandwidth is taken up by these low-vibration emotions that become a massive block to the effortless flow of goodness into our lives.  We then experience life as hard.  We have to work hard to succeed.  Dating is hard.  Marriage is hard.  Being a parent is hard.  It is so hard to find time to exercise and eat healthy.  We walk through life tired, resentful and miserable.

What if you directed all this energy towards creating your dream life, instead of dwelling in resentment and grudge?  The moment you decide to step out of victim’s grudge, you step up to create all that your heart is yearning for.

My intention for Become A Manifest Coach is to show you and inspire you to fully embody your power to shape your destiny and create the life you yearn for in all areas of your life.  You can have it all!  As a matter of fact, you were destined to have it all: a healthy, strong, beautiful body, a thriving, love-and-passion-filled intimate relationship, prosperity and abundance and the work that fulfills you.  When you decide to step up to co-create with the universe, your trust and surrender to the universal guidance of the force bigger than you, you are always taken places beyond your wildest dreams.

To kick-start this mysterious and magical dance of co-creation with the Universe, I am thrilled to invite you to a FREE 3-Day Manifest Maestro Mastermind to kick start your manifest powers to create your dream life.

Day 1 (Sun, Aug 9): Learn about 4 Stages of Spiritual Development and what is possible for you when you decide to LEAP FROM A VICTIM TO A MASTER MANIFESTOR mindset

Day 2 (Mon, Aug 10): Hone in your manifesting powers through Creative Visualization and The Power of Incantations

Day 3 (Tue, Aug 11): Learn and Master The Universal Laws of Prosperity & Abundance 

The Manifest Maestro Mastermind is FREE.  Sign up now to receive zoom instructions.  All calls will be recorded for instant access.  Join us LIVE for community and connection with like-minded people.

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