How I Made A Fortune On A Dumb Idea…

How I Made A Fortune On A Dumb Idea…

How I Made A Fortune On A Dumb Idea… 605 806 albinarippy

I must confess, that even though I am a yoga teacher, I used to think meditation was DUMB and a complete waste of time … until one day it led me to the best business decision ever resulting in a fortune.

It all started on New Year’s Eve of 2017 at our annual Ski & Yoga Retreat that my husband Roger and I lead at our very own Blue Sky Retreat Center in Taos, NM.  Every year people come to ski over the New Years and in the evenings I lead them through vision & goals or manifest coaching.  

A Vision Meditation is a magical process of opening up to the Universal guidance and seeing a snapshot of your future.  This process has always been very powerful for me, as I tapped into numerous ideas and creativity on how to innovate in my business, roll out new offerings, community event ideas, opening up a new yoga studio, adding a juice bar etc.

Roger and I led yet another successful yoga retreat and on our way back to Texas, as we discussed our experience, I shared “ you know, honey, something really weird happened.  For the first time ever, yogaOne, our yoga business, was not in my vision meditation.” Roger replied in astonishment “I was surprised that it was not in my meditation either”

I wondered what it could mean and Roger joked “we must have sold it!”

At the time, it was an unimaginable thought.  After all, we did not know anyone who could just walk in and buy 7 yoga studios.  We brushed off this idea, as something impossible, far fetched and unrealistic.

And yet, the Universe works in the most mysterious ways.

Two days later, Roger led a yoga class and after class a visiting yogi came up to him “hey man, have you ever considered selling your yoga studios?” 

“well, as a matter of fact, just 2 days ago, my wife and I have entertained this idea for the first time ever” Roger responded somewhat shocked by the synchronicity of it all.

“YogaWorks is expanding and their expansion plan is to acquire a bunch of successful yoga studios across the country.  You should check them out, man”

All it took is 1 phone call and a week later, we were sitting at a table with the CEO and general counsel of YogaWorks, the world’s only publicly traded yoga company.  10 months later, we sold our 7 yoga studios, got rid of all of our worldly possession, packed up our bags, grabbed our kids and took off the travel the world for a year.  2 years later, Coronavirus forced almost half of all yoga studios to shut down in bankruptcy.

When people ask me “was it always your plan to start, expand and eventually sell your yoga studios?”  I always reply “I am not that smart. It was all divine guidance that came to me in a vision meditation.  I was simply open to receive and obey that guidance.”

Something that I once considered dumb, opened up my ability to co-create with the Universe, shape my destiny and live the life of my dreams.

I will teach you the same Vision Meditation that guided me to this major business decision in divine timing and in a divine way.  This in-depth Vision Meditation is a part of my Become A Manifest Coach course that starts on Monday, August 17 where you will learn to:

  1. Trust your own inner guidance and intuition.  I call it Divine Guidance 
  2. Learn the fundamentals of goal and life-vision coaching
  3. The Miracle Integration & Gems of Excellence
  4. The psychology of change
  5. The deep dive into Ho’Oponopono, an ancient Hawaiian prayer that not only allows you to step into the divine flow of life, but manifest your dreams into your reality

Believing in Yourself, Telling Your Story, Creating Your Brand. If you don’t believe in your work, you can’t sell it. You will identify and clear your limiting beliefs that are standing in your way of attracting your ideal clients, serving with your whole heart and earning money, no matter what business or vocation you are in.

Vision. Goals. Super Clarity. You will create your own life vision and your own chosen future, and cast goals.  You will learn how to put the universal laws of prosperity into work to manifest with effortless ease.


Start living the life of your dreams and, by doing so, contribute to the success of others. 

Identify your personal coaching strategy and unique gifts for helping others to create growth and healing in their own lives.

Learn the skills for creating a safe and supportive environment that enables change within your client.

Form your strategy for establishing your online presence. Make it easy for clients to find you.

Identify who in the world needs your coaching and what it is you do to help them.

Integrate trust and ease into the manifestation process. Allow yourself to receive money through your coaching business.

The Business Basics Bootcamp. Tips, tricks, tools, strategy, healing and fresh perspective around starting and growing your online business.

*The Practical and Energetic Steps for Starting a Business 

*Being Paid with Ease

*Showing Up Online While Showing Up for Your Destiny 

*The Energy of Manifesting Your Dream Business 

Spiritual Laws of Abundance and Prosperity. How to make an impact and an income online while creating your tribe – a community of people who love your work.

*Clear Blocks to Your Abundance

*Attract Your Soul Mate Clients 

*How to Sell as an Act of Service 

Today is the last day to register for Become A Manifest Coach.  We start on Monday August 17.  Zoom calls will take place on Monday and Wednesday nights 5:30-9:30PM CST.  All calls are recorded and will be available to you forever.  Even if you can not attend live, you can still take part in this life-transformational work.

Space is limited, register NOW

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