Haters Gonna Hate or How I deal With Judgement

Haters Gonna Hate or How I deal With Judgement

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The other day I received a peculiar response to my email titled “How I Made A Fortune On A Dumb Idea” where I shared how through meditation, something that I used to consider dumb and a waste of time, I was able to connect to divine guidance that led me to a really important business decision. I deeply believe that The Universal guidance has led me to selling my business in perfect timing and in a perfect way, because just 2 years later, coronavirus wiped out half of small businesses off the face of the earth. My intent was to share with you how powerful this vision meditation was and how learning this tool can help you create the life beyond your wildest dreams.

I received an email saying that this person was really disappointed by my emphasis on “making a fortune” and how this person was heartsick from my messaging because the heart of yoga was distorted and missing.

I must confess that my first reaction was to curl up and judge myself for sending that email. After all, my whole life I was so afraid of people’s judgement, just like this. In all the years that I started and grew yogaOne, the amazing community of 7 yoga studios, this constant worry about making my business thrive financially and at the same time helping people live a happy, healthy and inspired life was tearing me apart and preventing me from truly taking my business to unprecedented heights unknown to the yoga industry. This perceived inner conflict (creating business success and being “spiritual”) has often sabotaged me in the past.


And I was about to repeat that old habitual pattern of my behavior, beat myself up again, judge myself, dim my brilliant light and stop…

Until I remembered that I made a decision to serve people and share all that I know about yoga, which is INDEED about manifesting and creating the life of your dreams. Ultimately, yoga is about a path to your spiritual growth and this path consists of 4 stages:

Stage 1, or the victim stage. Sadly, this is where most of us live. We incorrectly believe that our outside circumstances dictate our lives. We blame the economy, our soul-crushing job, the mean boss, all men, all women, our upbringing, and so on for our lack of happiness and wealth. We often feel like we don’t have a choice. We box ourselves in to see only one way, when there is a magnitude of possibilities, opportunities and choices right under our noses.

Our feelings of helplessness, judgement, frustration and resentment take up so much of our energy. Our energetic bandwidth is taken up by these low-vibration emotions that become a massive block to the effortless flow of goodness into our lives. We then experience life as hard. We have to work hard to succeed. Dating is hard. Marriage is hard. Being a parent is hard. It is so hard to find time to exercise and eat healthy. We walk through life tired, resentful and miserable.

What if we directed all this energy towards creating our dream life, instead of dwelling in resentment and grudge? The moment we decide to step out of victim’s grudge, we step up to create all that our heart is yearning for. This is the Manifestor stage. This is when we learn to shape our destiny and create the reality we yearn for. My Become A Manifest Coach is all about this stage. This is where I share with you all that I know about creating my dream life: a happy marriage, work that I am passionate about, a thriving family and, yes, the abundance of money. I teach you how to embody YOUR god-given right to co-create with The Universe and experience all that you desire, your dream life.

Through the path of yoga, whether you believe in it or not, you then evolve into the 3rd stage of spiritual development, where you learn to surrender and become a channel for the divine. My Vision Meditation led me to surrender and because of that I was able to sell yogaOne in perfect timing, travel the world, enjoy life and grow and evolve. This surrender journey took me to a new chapter of life that I am now discovering with awe.

The final stage of our spiritual development, and what yoga is ultimately all about, is remembering that we are one with The Source, The Universe, God… whatever you want to call this miraculous force that is everywhere and is everything. We are all ONE. Our separation from this oneness, from love, from the divine is the root of all of our suffering.

So, yes, ultimately, my message and all that I do is still very much about yoga. This IS yoga to me. Yoga is everything. Yoga is a way of life, not just some poses that you do once in a while. It’s not a distorted message of yoga. This is what it has always been about.

I can curl back and dim my light, I can let my fear of judgment stop me yet again, or I can step up and courageously share not only what I deeply believe in, but what I have worked in my life to achieve unbelievable results, the life beyond my wildest dreams.

My desire is to teach you HOW to step up and co-create with the Universe.

My desire is to help you remember that you can do, have and give all that you desire. This is your BIRTHRIGHT.

My desire is to share with you all that I know, the tools and the practices that help you create a daily discipline that will empower you to shape your destiny!

My intent is to serve you and help you in my own unique way, with passion and love for what I do.

I am so excited to present to you Become A Manifest Coach that starts on Monday, August 17. This is a product of deep soul-searching that I went through after so much judgement directed at me after selling MY OWN business. This is me stepping up and spreading my wings, truly, to serve YOU. This is me walking my talk.

Run your own race. Create your own happiness. Live the life of your dreams. Never give up. Rise up. Step up!

Become unstoppable, unbreakable, unshakable!

Living the life beyond your wildest dreams is your BIRTHRIGHT.

Type YES if you are with me on this.

If you are ready to LIVE YOUR DREAM, no matter what, check out my new course that starts on Monday, Aug 17

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