3 Secrets To Sparkling Up Romance & Hawt Passion

3 Secrets To Sparkling Up Romance & Hawt Passion

3 Secrets To Sparkling Up Romance & Hawt Passion 1435 955 albinarippy

When we first fall in love, our relationship is full of passion and fire.  We yearn to be with our partner.  We feel butterflies in our bellies.  We are head over heels in love.  With time, however, our relationship changes.  We get busy raising kids, focusing on our career and dealing with the mundane routine of our daily lives.  If we are not careful, one day we wake up and all the passion is gone.  We are just roommates, best friends at best.  Yet our heart always yearns for love.  We all want to feel adored, desired, needed.  If our needs are not met in a relationship, we find a way to fulfill our needs elsewhere.

Relationships require constant attention, focus and work.  In order to create and cultivate a love-and-passion-filled thriving intimate relationship, we must nurture it.  It is possible to be madly in love, feel passion and romance, and have a deep soul-level connection even if you have been together 5, 10, 20 years plus.

Roger and I have been together for 20 years.  I would have never imagined that our relationship could get better and better every year.  We are madly in love.  We are partners not only in life, but in all of our businesses.  Our marriage is filled with passion and romance.  We did not just wake up like this.  Our thriving relationship is a result of our dedicated work and commitment to each other and our marriage.  

Here are 3 Secrets To Passion and Deep Connection:

  1. Make your partner your number one priority.  Yes.  Your Number ONE priority.  Everything else, including your children, your work, your mom etc. needs to come after your partner.  If your partner feels like something else is more important to you, you will have relationship problems.  Trust that when you are happy in your intimate relationship, you have a massive support system that will enable you to thrive in all the other areas of your life: parenting, career, money, etc.
  2. Have a weekly romance ritual.  The best investment of our life was hiring a babysitter every Saturday night no matter what, so we could have a date night, even if we just stayed at home watching TV.  Our date night is the time we get to romance each other and truly connect and hear each other.  Do you have a romance ritual that you get to do regularly?
  3. Know what makes you feel sexy and do it.  For me, taking a nice warm bath and putting on a sexy dress, high heels and make up makes me feel some type of way.  This is what I do before we go on a date night.  My husband knows it and he takes care of the kids and all the other stuff, so that I can have my me time.  Communicate to your partner what makes you feel sexy.  Remember, your partner can’t read your mind.

If you want to have a thriving intimate relationship, dedicate time and focus to mindfully nurture your love and romance.  Where your attention goes, energy flows.  Prioritize your relationship and you will thrive in other areas of your life as well.

Roger and I are offering a workshop series called The Art of Love: The Secrets to Creating and Cultivating Thriving Intimate Relationships where we share with you The Universal Law of Polarity or how polarity is passion, the magic of the feminine and the masculine energy and why it is important to understand when it comes to relationships, effective communication and so much more…

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