3 Ways To Connect To Your Feminine Power & Shift Your Relationship For The Better

3 Ways To Connect To Your Feminine Power & Shift Your Relationship For The Better

3 Ways To Connect To Your Feminine Power & Shift Your Relationship For The Better 647 1004 albinarippy

Ladies, do you ever feel like you are doing it all?  You are taking care of the kids, cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping AND working too.  Do you wish your partner would step up and help you?

In this state you are your most un-resourceful self.  Moreover, you are not in your true essence.

When we are frustrated, overwhelmed and stressed out, we tend to embody our more masculine qualities: we step up to do it all.  Even though we feel strong, after a while, we feel resentful, sad, alone and exhausted.  We take it out on our partner, our kids, and our loved ones…

Does it sound familiar?

For most women, our true essence is our feminine and this is when we are our most powerful and authentic selves.

Here are three simple things you can do to connect to your power and shift your relationship dynamic for the better:

1. Remember, your man cannot read your mind.  Men take things quite literally.  If you say “I don’t need your help” he thinks you don’t need his help.  He doesn’t get hints, riddles and he certainly cannot read your mind.  So, please tell him how you want him to support you and be precise.  Instead of “make dinner,” tell him “make salmon and salad by 6PM tonight.”  Instead of “I need help with kids,” tell him “please get up at 6AM and help me get the kids out of bed and dressed, make breakfast and pack up kid’s lunches”. You get the idea, right?

2. The way you ask matters.  In the state of frustration and resentment, your ask will not be received in the most welcomed way.  If you accuse your partner and point fingers, he will feel defensive and the whole situation will result in more frustration and disconnect.  Remember, your true essence, your feminine power is an immense force.  Your man cannot resist it.  Ask in a playful way.  Tease him, flirt with him.  Might I dare to suggest, seduce him.  When you are playful, you are having fun.  Your energy is light.  And he will respond to your innate essence.  Your man wants to make you happy, I promise you.

3. Set aside time for just the two of you on a regular basis.  I am a big proponent of date nights.  This is the time for you to get away from the everyday mundane routine of life, children, work, obligations.  This is the time for you to romance each other and give each other your undivided attention.  This is a way for your to connect deeply and truly hear each other.  Besides, you can dress up, feel sexy and spark up that fire of passion and desire.

We will share more on this and so much more in our upcoming course The Art of Love: The Secrets To Creating and Cultivating A Thriving Intimate Relationship.  

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