Destiny or Choice? step into the fullness of your POWER

Destiny or Choice? step into the fullness of your POWER

Destiny or Choice? step into the fullness of your POWER 150 150 albinarippy

Does your life unfold according to a predetermined destiny or do you have a choice every step of the way?

The answer is both … and then some.

We are given 3 things as we come to our physical world:

  1. Some parts of our lives are absolutely pre-determined.  We are destined to meet certain people and go through certain life experiences at a certain time.  The Universe is perfect and there is a perfect order to everything.  This is what some people call destiny or your Sacred Contracts with the Divine.
  2. Even though your life is written out in advance and you have your obligations to fulfill as part of your Sacred Contracts, you always have Free Will and you always have a Choice.  Your choice is your greatest power and it determines what your Sacred Contracts result in.  This is the power and the magic of co-creation with the Universe.  You write your life story every step of the way.  Your divine assignment is to grow, expand and evolve through the choices that you make.
  3. The third gift that you come into this life with is Grace.  Grace is the unmerited favor of God and you always have access to it.

Seeing your path in life in terms of Sacred Contracts that have symbolic meaning and your life experiences as your Hero’s journey gives you a deeper understanding of you higher purpose and your divinely given destiny.

This is when your patterns of thinking, acting and being come into play.  These patterns are ancient in origins and they populate our minds and lives in ways that affect us deeply, often without our awareness of understanding.  They are your archetypes.  Every single one of us has no less than 12 Archetypes and each has a story to tell.  Our archetypes are the architects of our lives.  They helps us fulfill our purpose, our Sacred Contracts.

Why does it matter?  What’s the point, you ask me.

Once you understand all of your life’s events as an unfoldment of your divine purpose, you come into the fullness of your power, you embody your Power of Choice and you start shaping your destiny, instead of feeling like a victim of the circumstances of your life.  You step into effortless ease, often healing yourself physically, emotionally and spiritually and you create a life beyond your wildest dreams.

At the very least, this work is the ultimate surrender as you start “trusting that everything that is meant to come your way will arrive in due time, that you will be with the right people at the right moment, and that divine guidance endlessly flows into your soul.  It can’t be otherwise: we manage our Contracts, but the Divine takes care of the Sacred.” – Carolyn Myss

This is what we will talk in depth about on our Year of Yes! Success coaching cal tomorrow Wednesday, June 2 6-8PM.

I will also take you through a powerful process of waking up and integrating your 4 Archetypes: Warrior, Lover, Magician and Queen/King to help you resolve an issue or a problem that you are faced with, receive guidance and step into the fullness of your power.

By popular demand, A Year of Yes! Success Coaching with Roger Rippy and me has been re-opened for a 6-month enrollment starting tomorrow.

You get access to all the content starting Jan 2020 + live calls that take place the 1st Wednesday of the month 6-8PM CST + individual coaching with Albina Rippy.

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