Tapping Into The Power of The Feminine

Tapping Into The Power of The Feminine

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If you are anything like me, under stress and pressure, I tend to become tense, rigid and righteous.  I put up my guards.  I feel the need to prove my point.  I become inflexible and set on my way.

I am not in my true essence.  I lose my power.

Can you relate?

Our power comes from our true essence.  For me, it is being relaxed, grounded, open, loving, caring, creative, trusting my intuition and inner guidance.

This is me stepping into The Power of The Feminine.

Understanding this and embodying my true essence consciously helped me take my marriage to a new level of deep love, passion and understanding.

Stepping into my power, as it comes to my true essence, helped me take my businesses to a new level of success and prosperity.  After all, when I am my most powerful self, I create, I lead, I embody resilience and resourcefulness.

This helped me become a better mother, as I model for my daughters what it is like to be in my power, The Power of The Feminine.

Please enjoy this Tapping Into the Power of The Feminine EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique).  You can use it as a meditation especially in those triggering moments of stress and anxiety.

This short meditative tool will help you embody the fullness of your power, become grounded and confident, tap into your intuition and open you up to the flow of creativity and creation, love and joy, abundance and ease.

I would love to hear your experience with it.

Love and Light,



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