Decision, indecision and doubting your decisions

Decision, indecision and doubting your decisions

Decision, indecision and doubting your decisions 1242 696 albinarippy

Decision, indecision and doubting your decisions 🙀

I went through all of these things over the last few days and boy has it been an emotional roller coaster!

Indecision sucks!  It’s that thing that hangs heavy over you sucking all of your energy out. Maybe it shows up as avoidance. Like you would burry your head in the sand, so to speak, rather than make a difficult decision.  For me, it showed up as Netflix binging and spending an entire day in bed. It felt awful. I was depressed, unmotivated and felt sorry for myself (see my previous post on how I pulled myself out of this state).

Once I made a decision, I felt liberated, powerful, like all the forces of the universe aligned behind me.  I prayed, I meditated, I listened to my intuition and I felt really good about my decision. I felt aligned with my inner guidance and heart’s truth.  Once you make a decision, all the forces of the Universe do align behind you. Decision is power. It’s in the moment of your decision that your destiny is shaped 💪

But what happens when your decision does not bring you the outcome you desire?  What if people around you tell you it was not a good decision?

It feels like crap. You start doubting yourself.  It feels like you are a bubble that someone just popped.

All I can tell you is that making a decision rooted deep in your inner knowing and trust will give you strength and perseverance to go through challenging times. This is the ultimate test of your faith. Will you trust yourself and therefore the Divine? Or will you doubt it?

All I can do is surrender. I’ve done my part. I’ve prayed. I’ve meditated. I’ve listened in. I made a decision. I did all I can do in my own abilities. Now it is up to god.

To me, this is what manifestation or co-creation is all about. On one hand, your decisions shape your destiny. You have the power to direct the course of your life. On the other hand, there is a bigger Divine plan for your life. It’s both and. It’s an infinite dance that I choose to dance with wonder and joy (and not fight or resist it)

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