It’s not you, it’s me.. FOR REAL

It’s not you, it’s me.. FOR REAL

It’s not you, it’s me.. FOR REAL 1500 1139 albinarippy

Now I can look back and see all the times I did not feel worthy.

When I first met my now husband, deep inside I felt I was not worthy of a man like him. I did not feel pretty enough, thin enough, smart enough, worldly enough.  As a result, we struggled in our relationship so much in the beginning. I thought it was him: he was non-committal.  It turns out, it was always me, my lack of self-worth that caused all the heartbreak and pain.  The truth is, he has always loved me from the moment we met. I was just not ready to receive his love fully back then because I did not love myself.

These days, I sometimes catch myself thinking I must work hard to earn my keep and prove myself instead of simply owning my worth and all the expertise, knowledge and experience I bring to the table.

Here is the truth. The Universe will give you only what you feel worthy of receiving.

If you are experiencing lack, wether it is the lack of love and connection in your life, the lack of money, or the lack of motivation and drive, it is not the outside circumstances that are creating this situation, it is you. 

It is not your job or the absence of the job, it is not your boss, it is not your partner/family/co-worker, or where you live, but your unexamined beliefs around your own worth that are intimately connected to all the aspects of your life, including money.

When you don’t feel worthy, you will continue to experience the same situations over and over again, until you see it clearly and you learn your lesson.  You will be in the same kind of relationship with the same dynamic repeating itself over and over again: whether it is an abusive partner or being undervalued at work even when you change careers and enter new relationships.  After all, you take yourself with you everywhere you go.

For some people owning their worth is simple.  They just do.  For others, remembering who they truly are, is a process that takes time.  That process is about examining their subconscious beliefs about themselves and the world, clearing some of the old patterns, and fully embodying new beliefs and ideas.

It is my experience that once you feel worthy, whole and in love with who you are, abundance starts flowing into your life.  This abundance and flow is not just money, it is the perfect opportunities that show up in a perfect time, it is the right people just when you need them, it is synchronicity, guidance and ease.

I have been obsessed with the idea of multi-dimensional abundance and wealth, effortless ease and flow for years now.  I’ve read tons of books, attended many courses, retreats and seminars and, most importantly, I did so much daily internal work around my beliefs and my subconscious patterns.  

This has been my experiment with destiny.  And even though this experiment is a lifelong journey, I have already experienced some truly mind-blowing results.  The more I relaxed into who I am, the more I felt worthy and whole, the more abundance and ease came into my life.  

Let me make something very clear.  This is not just some woo-woo stuff.  I have very real and measurable results to show for it.  I created a yoga empire (7 yoga studios, a juice bar and a yoga & meditation retreat center) and sold it in perfect timing.  I turned around my struggling hotel that was shut down during the pandemic, making it profitable when the entire hospitality industry was hurting and I sold it in the most perfect way, in perfect time to the most perfect buyer who loves and truly cares for this beautiful historic property.  I laid a solid foundation for my on-line education platform and my coaching business, something that gave me an avenue to share my love and passion for yoga and personal growth, that is now a source of passive income for me and my family.  Today, I help businesses thrive.  I have repeatedly done what other people said was impossible over and over again. 

And it was not just hard work and pushing through.  I deeply believe, that all of this came as a result of my inner work that cleared a way for abundance and ease to flow into my life. 

Money is the spiritual game. Allow me to explain to you how your feelings and beliefs around your worth affect everything in your life. Let me show you how the energy of money works, so you can start seeing it clearly. Once you do, you will make a new choice.  That new choice is how you transform your life. 

Step Into Abundance online meditation retreat Feb 24-26 is all about that.

Ultimately, nothing in your life changes until you change. You will have to change who you are to experience all that you want in your life.

I had to change from an insecure girl who doubted herself, who did not believe she was worthy of the man, the success, the wealth, the luck to who I am today. I am confident. I am loved. I am lucky AF. I am brilliant. I am loving, kind, compassionate, generous. I am very different from who I was then.

Step Into Abundance is an online meditation retreat on Feb 24-26 that encompasses the following:

  • practice yoga because your body is the key. Open your body and the energy will start flowing with more ease in all aspects of your life.
  •  #manifestabundance coaching because knowledge is the precursor to the experience. In order to shift your life, you must understand the why and the how.
  • abundance meditation because this is truly where the rubber meets the road. When you set aside everything known in your life (your familiar past and your predictable future) and you tap into the generous present moment, you access guidance, creation, ease, and flow. When you are still, you can recognize your old habitual patterns of thinking and acting. Once you change your pattern, you change your life.


Fri, Feb 24 6-9pm CST

Sat and Sun Feb 25-26 8am-12pm

Expect a miracle!


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