In Module 1 you will learn the following:

  • The Power of Intention

  • Mind Gems as a clearing and grounding down

  • Group shares & group coaching: your body is innately intelligent, passion and energy turns a possibility into a probability, practice active listening with love and compassion

  • Four Stages of Spiritual Development

  • The Power of I AM

Opening Circle, Mind Gems & The Power of Intention

4 Stages of Spiritual Growth

Our Words Create Our Worlds

You are never NOT speaking your future.  In other words, our words create our world.  Always speak blessing into your future, instead of prophesying what you do not want.

I recommend INCANTATIONS, declaring your desired future into existence with power, passion and using all of your physicality.

The Power of I AM

In this session you will learn the Power of I AM, or whatever you say after I am creates. You will also witness a live coaching session and will learn practical tools of 1:1 coaching.


HOMEWORK: Play with The Power of I AM as your work this process on yourself.  HERE are the instructions aka the recipe.  Trust your inner hearing.  Trust that the muscle test works its magic.

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