In Module 2 you will learn the following:

  • Deep Dive Into Ho’Oponopono: the meaning, the WHY, the manifesting power

  • Ho’Oponopono Meditation

  • Group Shares & Coaching

  • Miracle Integration

  • BONUS: Tapping Ho’Oponopono

Deep Dive Into Ho'Oponopono

Learn the philosophy behind Ho’Oponopono and the power that each phrase unlocks.

Ho’Oponopono clears grudges, unforgiveness, negative energy and glitches that prevent you from manifesting whatever it is you want to experience in your life.

Ho'Oponopono Meditation

Ho'Oponopono: Group Shares & Coaching

In these group shares and coaching you will learn the following:

1. How to guide someone through a meditation

2. Saying Ho’Oponopono over food

3. Using Ho’Oponopono in your creative process

Miracle Integration

The Miracle Integration clears and corrects the way people learn, hear and comprehend the world around them.  Once this clearing takes place, you can achieve your goals with effortless ease and shape your destiny. It is a miracle!

Bonus: Tapping Ho'Oponopono

Learn How The Fusion of The Ancient Hawaiian and The Ancient Chinese Healing Techniques Can Free You From Emotional Pain, Traumatic Past and Limiting Beliefs in a short and effective way.

Ho’Oponopono clears grudges, negative energy, shared memory, glitches and static that prevents you from manifesting whatever it is that you want to experience in your life.

Tapping or Emotional Freedom Technique combines modern day psychology with acupressure and is very effective in creative an inner shift to help you step into your most productive, grounded and powerful self.

Envisioning colors associate with each phrase takes it to the next level.

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