Rituals of Abundance

Rituals of Abundance

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Years ago, when I was my own businesses’ CPA, I ran all the payroll reports and wrote out my team’s paychecks by hand.  I used to get so stressed out and overwhelmed by the sheer amount of checks I was writing.  

At the core of this stress was fear.  The fear of not having enough money, the fear of my financial future, the fear of having the responsibility of providing for and being the source of livelihood for my team, doubting my ability to lead, manage my business and make money.

I would get so worked up that I would be in a terrible mood snapping at my husband and kids.  So, this stress was negatively affecting my family life as well.

This lower vibrations of fear and lack were attracting even more fear, lack and stress to me.  It felt like it was never enough.

Then I learned this ritual of abundance that I want to share with you today.

This ritual helped me shift my feelings and emotions about money and abundance.  As I shifted out of fear into appreciation and joy, I started vibrating on a different energetic level attracting more money and abundance into my life.  This, in turn, helped me feel even more appreciation and joy causing me to attract more money and abundance.  And this, my friends, is the Law of Attraction in action.

Here is the key.  As I write every check, I say “thank you, such and such, employee for your contribution to the success of my business.  Thank you for your help on my path towards my goals and desires.  I value you.  Thank you.  I love you!”  Then I celebrate the fact that I have the means to employ my team and support their families.  What a privilege!  What a huge blessing!

Then I expanded this principle to paying my bills.  Every time I click “submit” on on-line banking, I say “Thank you for my abundant blessings.  Thank you that I have the money in my bank account to pay this bill.  Thank you for the electricity/gas/my home that I get to enjoy.  How lucky am I?!”

When I pay for anything with my credit card, I say a similar prayer..

And I always add “I look forward to this money coming back to me a thousand times (or a million, depending on the amount ;)” then I quickly calculate how much it would be and I feel incredible joy in anticipation and expectation of such abundance coming into my life.  I say “Thank you!  I love you!”

Shifting out of fear and lack into joy and feeling good turns on the mighty force of the Universe to give you more of what it is you are experiencing.  The Law of Attraction is an absolute universal law.  What you feel and constantly think of generates a certain energetic vibration that becomes a powerful magnet attracting more of THAT into your life.

Incorporate these simple rituals into your daily life and I promise you, your finances will start shifting for the better.  Do it wholeheartedly and with so much enthusiasm and feeling good.

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