Manifest A Billion Dollar Empire?

Manifest A Billion Dollar Empire?

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When Sara Blakely was asked how she built her billion-dollar Spanx empire, she replied “I manifested it!”

Yes, girl, YES!

Sara asked the Divine for help.  She asked for guidance.  She asked for a product that would help women all over the world to feel great

She trusted that divine guidance and she worked her butt off 

I, too, asked for the divine guidance.  I, too, worked my butt off.  I, too, got up and went on even when it seemed impossible.  I stepped up.  I expanded.  I grew beyond what I ever thought was possible.  And this is how I started, grew and eventually sold my thriving yoga brand, traveled the world with my husband and kids and this is how I am starting the new chapter of my life

The steps of manifesting are simple:

  1. Ask The Universe to guide you.  Obey that guidance, have faith and trust.

  2. Your desire to help and serve something bigger than you is a must.  For Sara Blakely, it was to help women feel great about themselves.  For me, it is about helping people live a happy, healthy and abundant life

  3. Do great work all day every day.  When you know WHY you are doing it and you trust that you are guided, you will always find a way

This is what I teach in Breakthrough to Manifesting Retreat together with Frank Zendejas.  I welcome YOU in my hOMe Blue Sky Retreat Center in Taos, New Mexico on April 23-26, 2020.  We get into the best state internally by moving our bodies, hiking, yoga and Nia Move dances, we eat delicious food prepared by my amazing mother with so much love and care and we breakthrough into the lives of our dreams

You get only one chance and this is IT.  You can live your life in quiet desperation or you can step up and create your dream life full of love, joy, abundance, money, contribution RIGHT NOW

You can be all you want to be.  You can have it all.  You always have a choice.  Make your choice now

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Join us at Breakthrough To Manifesting Retreat in Taos, NM on April 23-26, 2020

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