Why You Too Should Experience A Silent Meditation Retreat

Why You Too Should Experience A Silent Meditation Retreat

Why You Too Should Experience A Silent Meditation Retreat 1071 692 albinarippy

When you hear about being silent and meditating for days in a row, what immediately comes to your mind?

Allow me to share with you my silent mediation retreat experience and how it helped me elevate to a new way of being.

For years I wanted to experience a silent meditation retreat, but, to be honest, I was scared, I didn’t have the time and I didn’t know enough about it to commit.  The Universe always works in the most miraculous ways.  Once the seed is planted, the Universe brings you the best opportunities in the most incredible ways.  When we purchased Blue Sky Retreat Center at the historic San Geronimo Lodge in Taos, NM, we had a number of retreats already scheduled in advance by the previous owner.  One of those retreats was The Mountain Hermitage Silent Meditation Retreat.

I no longer had an excuse, so I committed to be in silence for 7 days without my phone, my laptop or any books.  It was just me and my thoughts for a week.

What I did not expect was a complete and utter life transformation, a breakthrough, an upgrade to a completely new way of being.  

Allow me to summarize it into 3 major take-aways:

  1. Healing. To be honest, I did not even know that a part of me needed a healing.  Again, the Universe always brings to you what you need and more in perfect timing and in a perfect way.  The first day of the silent meditation retreat started with Lovingkindness Metta Meditation technique rooted in the ancient buddhist practices called The Brahma Viharas, or the 4 Noble Practices.  As mental images of different people went through my mind, I repeated “May you be happy.  May you be well.  May you be at peace.  May you be loved.”  This went on for hours, in silence.  Tears were running down my face and I felt a huge weight lifting off my shoulders, as I opened my heart and let my guards melt away.  I did not realize that I was holding on to so many grudges: my father, my husband, people from the past and on and on.  I felt so much love in me, towards me, around me, with me.  I have never felt this way before.  I felt whole and complete.  I felt my soul healing.
  2. Connection to the Divine.  As my heart opened and I released whatever needed to go, I felt the presence of something so loving, so kind and so amazing with me.  I did not know that my own grudges were preventing me from fully experiencing God in my life.  I went on long walks surrounded by the breath-taking beauty of the enchanted Taos, New Mexico and for the first time in my life I saw the divine presence of God in everything.  I felt absolute certainty that I am deeply loved, that I am divinely guided and that I can surrender and trust that all is happening in a perfect way and in perfect timing.  Later on in my life, this became invaluable, as I went through the stress and challenges of selling my business, facing judgement, and the stress of my extended family losing everything in Kazakhstan and immigrating to America lucky to be alive.
  3. Creativity and Creation.  Something magical takes place when you are no longer surrounded by the familiarity of your everyday life.  A new place, new experiences give you access to creativity and creation.  Once my mind calmed down its incessant chatter, new ideas, inspiration and epiphanies came rushing in.  I call it divine guidance.  I knew what I needed to do in my businesses, how I needed to innovate, what inspired action I needed to take to evolve and grow.  This was very practical and it helped me create wealth and abundance in my life.

BONUS: I must confess that at that point in my life I struggled with envy.  I compared myself with others and every single time, I was left feeling lack.  I felt like I was not good enough, that other people were so lucky, that I had to work so hard.  I was totally a victim.  Appreciative Joy Brahma Vihara forever healed me of envy.  I started feeling so much joy for the success of others, which, in turn, opened up the floodgates of success and abundance to rush into my own life.

My own powerful Silent Retreat experience inspired me to share this life-transforming practice with others.

Roger and I invite you to join our Silent Meditation Retreat in our beloved Blue Sky Retreat Center at the historic San Geronimo Lodge in Taos, New Mexico on Feb 24-28.

This is short 3-day experience, which makes it less scary for someone who is just starting their meditation journey.

The retreat is not completely silent, as every day we will start with a dharma talk where we will teach your Brahma Vihara tools: Lovingkindness, Appreciative Joy, Compassion and Equanimity.  We will also be available for questions and guidance at certain hours during the day.

You will not have to sit the whole time.  We set aside time when you can practice yoga in your room, or go for a long walk or a hike in Kit Carson National Forrest right outside of Blue Sky, or even do seva, or selfless service work at Blue Sky if you wish.

My mother, who is an amazing cook, will prepare all of our meals with so much love and care.  Meals will be served in biodegradable containers that you can take to your room for social distance purposes.

We will wear masks at all times for your safety and the safety of others.

The silent meditation retreat experience can be life-transforming.  And, just like everything else, this tool works only if you work it.  It is a discipline and it is a challenge.  What I can promise you is that it can elevate your to a completely new way of being in all areas of your life.  It certainly did for me.

P.S. We only have 3 rooms open at this point.  Early bird discounts end on Jan 31.  Register NOW.

We would love to welcOMe you at our hOMe in Taos, New Mexico.

Love and Light,


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