How I Became Albina Rippy, a Self-Made Woman

How I Became Albina Rippy, a Self-Made Woman

How I Became Albina Rippy, a Self-Made Woman 3640 2422 albinarippy

My name was not always Albina Rippy.

I was born Laura Orazgaliyeva. 

It’s a crazy story, really. I was born in a small village in the middle of nowhere in Kazakhstan. My God Mother, whom I’ve never met, was sent to the East Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic Regional Center to get my birth certificate. 

I don’t know if she got drunk along the way, but she forgot the name of the baby. MY NAME 😳

My mom always intended to name me Albina, in honor of my Russian grandmother who passed away when my own mother was only 7 years old.

Well, my God Mother forgot the name Albina and thought it was Laura.  Neither names are typical Kazakh names and I guess she thought it was close?!

At 16, before I came to America and when I got my passport, I officially changed my name to Albina Orazgaliyeva and when I married my husband Roger Rippy, I became Albina Rippy.

As I reflect on the story of my name, I know that Albina Rippy is not the same person as Laura Orazgaliyeva. 

Laura Orazgaliyeva was super self-conscious, insecure girl who did not believe in herself.

I made this queen, Albina Rippy, and she is power, confidence, brilliance and sass. 

It took years of self-growth, discipline and commitment to create Albina Rippy and I am proud to call myself a self-made woman.

How is it relevant to you, you ask?

If you want to grow into the best version of you, give her a nickname and then BECOME her. Act like her, walk like her, speak like her 💃 

Ask yourself “When I am her {insert your nickname}, what I am doing/thinking/saying that I am not yet doing/thinking/saying?”

This simple exercise will help you clear the blocks preventing you from stepping into the life of your dreams.  This is how you co-create with the Universe.

These days, I don’t go to Laura Orazgaliyeva. I love her with compassion and kindness. I remember her when I work with women who struggle with self-worth, as I help them step into their God-given birthright of happiness, wealth, power and confidence. 

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